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    May 27, 2006
      The Power of the Galactic Center


      "An elevation of consciousness is unfolding right before our eyes,
      highlighted by a flurry of new discoveries about the Milky Way
      galaxy," says William Henry as this week's Dreamland opens. These
      discoveries can aid our search for higher consciousness, and William
      Henry believes that the past can help us, too, because there is
      evidence that past civilizations possessed great wisdom about man's
      relationship to and connection with the universe and the energies in
      it that affect our minds. Then Linda Howe interviews close encounter
      witness Jim Sparks about his own alien communications experiences.

      This week, he hosts a round table discussion with galactic center
      researchers John Major Jenkinsand Jay Weidner. John has decoded the
      meaning of 2012 from Mayan sources, and Jay's research into the
      meaning of the Great Cross of Hendaye has led him to an
      understanding of why the past found earth's relationship to, and
      connection with, the galactic center so vitally important.

      One of Jenkins' theories is that the Maya predicted a 'serpent rope'
      from the GC would appear around the 2012 date. William Henry
      discusses this 'serpent rope' in Stargate 2012. Space.com says that
      magnetic forces at the center of the galaxy have twisted a nebula
      into the double helix shape of DNA. Scientists compare it
      to 'strands of rope'. William Henry asks his guests, Is this the
      Maya "serpent rope?"

      Do not miss this wonderful Dreamland. You may never hear a
      discussion like this between these three remarkable men again.

      William Henry's website is WilliamHenry.net.



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