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3376Happy easter!

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  • Jon Miler
    Apr 16, 2006
      Happy easter and much joy to all who believe in other things, we are
      all united in a kinship to the sacred mother Earth. So let us respect
      the differances. Paranormal is breaking the bonds that hold us down.
      It draws us to a higher plain of existance.
      We do not have to destroy our faith, it re enforces that faith by
      showing us the majic of life and how wonderful the creator made our
      extrodinary universe.
      Look outside the box and look up into the stars!

      Light a candle for peace and spread it around! Let others light a
      candle, as they move through the vastness of the dark they spread the
      light. Let that light heal and grow naturally.

      World peace CAN happen if only you DREAM it so!
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