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2794NWO power and influence

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  • Jon Miler
    Feb 29, 2004
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      Look at how they quickly passed the patriot act after the horrible events of sept 11th. It so happends that the globalists want to make sure NAFTA and GATT will be here for good. The WTO's influence has done more harm than good. Look at all the outsourcing of American jobs to China and India! How many more jobs will we lose to globalism? Look at big media. It is getting bigger and the Bush administration deregulates the media and to allow even fewer choices because only a few elite will run all the T.V and radio stations. The patriot acts one and two allow the government to spy on innocent people who done no harm. Somethings is not right here in "paradise." We find ourselves in a deep crsis where our privacy is being violated everyday and no restraints are being held. I suspect the people behind this want to totaly corrupt American politics for their own greedy agenda of NWO domination.