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  • FrenchIndian@webtv.net
    Jun 30, 2003
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      From: gringa@... (Donna) Date: Mon, Jun 30, 2003, 8:50am To:
      daily_meditations@yahoogroups.com (Daily Meditations) Subject:
      [openfires] June 30 - Daily Meditations Reply to:
      Available online! 'Cherokee Feast of Days Volume III'
      Permission to post her messages was graciously given to me by Joyce
      Sequichie Hifler.
      Visit her website to purchase the wonderful books by Joyce as gifts for
      yourself or for loved ones......and also for those who don't have access
      to the internet: http://www.hifler.com
      by Joyce Sequichie Hifler
      Some of the dearest moments ever spent are those on the road I didn't
      want to travel. And some of the most magnificent doors I've ever passed
      through are where before there was no way.
      Some of the kindest people I shall ever know are the ones I didn't want
      to meet. And the greatest abundance I've ever received came from a
      pittance I wanted to withhold.
      Tears I have wanted to shed have turned to happiness because for a
      moment I could see beyond them. And hope has saved everything when I
      wanted most to give up in despair.
      And suddenly I realized how great my progress could be if I could get
      myself and my emotions out of the way. How hard I push against the door
      that opens inward - inward, where faith and hope and trust abide.
      There's not enough ambling done any more. There are too many deadlines.
      Time for a favorite TV show, time to take pills, time for appointments,
      time to catch a plane. Life is one continual alarm clock.
      Never a gentle gait, but always at a dogtrot to meet those deadlines. It
      seems that dawdling along or staring into space is a waste of time, as
      the ambitions, eager for superiority, move dangerously ahead.
      Many great people have known the wisdom of safeguarding their health and
      security by taking time to analyze, not in the role of fact sifting, but
      by allowing the mind to amble, to drift openly from thought to thought.
      This sitting idly on the sidelines and fishing quietly in the mind can
      catch many a solution that casting would never hook.
      After a period of creative silence, attacking any deadline is made
      ample. The mind has had time to lay down the brittle aggressiveness and
      is ready to operate efficiently. Even physical weariness passes and the
      goal ahead isn't so far in the distance.
      When there isn't time to go fishing, remember the words of American
      author William Mathews: "Knowledge is acquired by study and observation,
      but wisdom cometh by opportunity of leisure. The ripest thoughts come
      from a mind which is not always on the stretch, but fed, at times, by a
      wise passiveness."
      June 30 - Daily Feast
      If we could change one thing about ourselves to see the greatest gain,
      it would be to stop being the victim. Too many believe they are destined
      to be victims of broken relationships, disease, poverty, and overbearing
      personalities - and they say it over and over again. How we see
      ourselves makes all the difference. If being brow-beaten is security, we
      will always be the underdog. Day after day we throw ourselves into the
      path of what we think we deserve. But we can change the pattern. We can
      stop repeating what we have heard all our lives, and begin talking to
      ourselves with good words. We have hidden gold within us and as soon as
      we learn it, we will get out of the lunacy of being the perpetual
      ~ We must help one another and the Great Spirit will help us both. ~
      'A Cherokee Feast of Days', by Joyce Sequichie Hifler
      Permission to repost the daily messages was granted by White Bison,
      Inc., an American Indian-owned non-profit organization. Order their many
      products from their website: http://www.whitebison.org
      Elder's Meditation of the Day June 30
      "Words hypnotize and deceive everyone at one time or another, but these
      hypnotic words cannot last long in the hearts of true warriors."
      --Barney Bush, SHAWNEE
      We are a part of an interconnected system. Words in themselves have no
      meaning. It is the spirit and intent behind the words that really show
      the meaning. We are connected to each other at the center of the atom
      which makes up the air and our body. The center of the air's atom system
      is connected to the center of our body's system. I am connected to you
      and you are connected to me in the center of our being. If my words have
      no meaning, you can feel this through the center of your being.
      Great Spirit,
      help me
      make my word good.
      Let me do
      the things I say I will,
      and let me say
      the things I will do ?
      and do it.
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