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  • FrenchIndian@webtv.net
    Feb 1, 2003
      Available online! 'Cherokee Feast of Days Volume III'
      Permission to post her messages was graciously given to me by Joyce
      Sequichie Hifler.
      Visit her website to purchase the wonderful books by Joyce as gifts for
      yourself or for loved ones......and also for those who don't have access
      to the internet: http://www.hifler.com
      by Joyce Sequichie Hifler
      Have you heard how dreadful the neighbors are these days to ignore
      another's plight, and how the world has gone to the dogs because people
      don't care? Have you heard how hardened hearts are and how callous and
      unfeeling the human race has become?
      It may be true such things do happen....for we hear about it daily. But
      it likely is that we hear more about the unusual then the usual.
      For have you heard about the builder who laid his own plans aside to
      help another build his house....and the lady who gave her home and
      nursing care to someone who had no other place to go. Or the child who
      found its needs fulfilled in the love of a foster mother.
      We may ignore, but we can never erase the love of the human race for the
      human race. The world may abound with sordid happenings; it may revel in
      senseless activities. But called to help, the greater number will
      respond without thought of the cost to themselves.
      Of these things we hear so little. With these we come in contact every
      day and accept it as the normal pattern of life....which it is....for
      each unthinking, infantile mine there are two great thoughtful ones. And
      the second great Commandment still works its wonders in all our lives.
      Gaga lu'nee
      Bony of Hungry Month
      The whole earth belongs to ASGA YA GALLUN LATI, the Great Spirit.
      Cherokee People
      February 1 - Daily Feast
      This morning the sun spilled pale gold over the horizon and filledĀ 
      all the space beneath the great oaks. High above, the red-tail hawk,
      known to the Cherokees as ta wo di, sailed lazily along air currents.
      Even though spring is still many weeks away, the land is beautiful to
      see. Now, while the trees are bare, there is a wider view of hills and
      valleys. The colors are all muted shades of beige and gray and the hills
      are swathed in blue mist. Even the deer are outfitted by nature to be
      the same subtle shade of browns and tans to give them protection. A
      restful moment is a perfect moment. But we have to be open to it, and
      receptive to anything that gives us peace of mind with no side effects.
      It can't happen if our minds are set to be drab and dreary.
      ~ The old Lakota was wise. He knew that man's heart away from nature
      becomes hard. ~
      'A Cherokee Feast of Days', by Joyce Sequichie Hifler
      Permission to repost the daily messages was granted by White Bison,
      Inc., an American Indian-owned non-profit organization. Order their many
      products from their website: http://www.whitebison.org
      Elder's Meditation of the Day - February 1
      "You can't just sit down and talk about the truth. It doesn't work that
      way. You have to live it and be part of it and you might get to know
      --Rolling Thunder, CHEROKEE
      We all read books that have much information in them. Often we pick up
      on little sayings that we remember. Inside of us is the little owl, the
      owl of knowing. It talks to us- guiding us and nurturing us. Often when
      we get information, it's hard to live by, but it's easy to talk about.
      It's living the Red Road that counts-Walk the Talk. If we really want
      freedom in our lives, if we really want to be happy, if we really want
      to have peace of mind, it's the truth we must seek.
      My Creator,
      help me in my
      search for the
      truth today.
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