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  • FrenchIndian@webtv.net
    Jan 24, 2003
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      Available online! 'Cherokee Feast of Days Volume III'
      Permission to post her messages was graciously given to me by Joyce
      Sequichie Hifler.
      Visit her website to purchase the wonderful books by Joyce as gifts for
      yourself or for loved ones......and also for those who don't have access
      to the internet: http://www.hifler.com
      by Joyce Sequichie Hifler
      There must be a great many persons who have questioned their own wisdom
      in having fought for a principle. To so many, it seems all they gleaned
      from it was the title "different". Isn't this why so many refuse to
      stand up for what they believe? We look at them in disbelief, the idea
      that someone is trying to attract attention. If they are not twitted
      about their actions they are treated with cold indifference which can be
      even worse.
      It seems that if persons have the strength to say they will fight for a
      certain truth, they must also have the strength to fight alone without
      depending on those around them to tell them how they should conform.
      They must not be embarrassed to be counted as unusual in the pursuit of
      their particular belief.
      But the individuals who find themselves alone in the stand they take
      must remember that if it is truth they are following it will eventually
      win and at least they can live with themselves. Not everyone can say
      H.W. Beecher has written, "It is often said it is no matter what a man
      believes if he is only sincere. But let a man sincerely believe that
      seed planted without ploughing is as good as with; that January is as
      favorable for seed-sowing as April; and that cockle seed will produce as
      good a harvest as wheat, and is it so?"
      Sincerity, like trust, must be rooted in those basic truths that are for
      the good of everyone. If that which we sincerely believe in and live by
      is truly good, then the results will speak so loudly that all who really
      want to will see. Until we sincerely want to know good and do good, we
      will never know it. And until we do, we only half live.
      January 24 - Daily Feast
      Other people have no more power than we do. They may have the knack for
      making us think they can do anything. A little adjustment down in our
      minds will stop the thought that we must cope and compete with those who
      have greater advantages. If we believe anything holds us back, limits
      our ability, we can know beyond a doubt that more ability resides in us
      than we will ever have time to hone and develop. When we are doing
      something we love to do, it comes naturally to mind our own business and
      to polish our own skills. Love for the right work takes it out of the
      role of labor and competition and makes it into a work of art. Then, the
      little competitive self is dissolved into a powerful giant that didn't
      realize how much he was growing.
      ~ Your nation supposes that we, like the white people, cannot live
      without bread and pork and beer. But you ought to know that He, the
      Great Spirit and Master of Life has provided....for us in these spacious
      lakes....and woody mountains. ~
      PONTIAC,  1762
      'A Cherokee Feast of Days', by Joyce Sequichie Hifler
      Permission to repost the daily messages was granted by White Bison,
      Inc., an American Indian-owned non-profit organization. Order their many
      products from their website: http://www.whitebison.org
      Elder's Meditation of the Day - January 24
      "Always listen to what the Elders say."
      --Dona Josefa Medrano, HUICHOL, SIERRA MADRE, MEXICO
      In school we have been taught to go to the encyclopedia when we need
      information about certain subjects. From the time we are little, we have
      a natural tendency to seek out role models. When we need information
      about living we tend to seek out books about living. These maybe self
      help books. The world is full of information. For the Native people, we
      have our Elders. All races have Elders. Our lives will run much smoother
      when we listen to the Elders. They don't always tell us what we want to
      hear but they always tell us what we need to hear. The Elders have the
      ability to make the truth sweet.
      Creator, thank
      You for the
      Elders. Help
      me this day to
      listen to them.
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