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  • Angelik
    Sep 2, 2001
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      Hi everybody!
      I agree with what Jon said about Earthchanges...
      We must not forget that we all live on Earth and we
      must do our best not to make it worst...
      Here in France we got lot of storm and problems with
      water...it was a hot summer too here...
      Many old persons and children had health problems with
      high temperature...
      But we must keep in mind that a good personal way of
      acting against pollution begins by trying to keep
      Earth clean everyday by example by selecting what we
      put in garbages,not using cars when there are high
      rates of pollution...and so on...
      In France all people are not always agree to do these
      kind of things but I noticed that in Germany there
      were more aware of consequences from pollution
      (probably cause of Tchernobyl)...
      I think the "work"should begin (first) in each
      person's mind.
      Everyone has the choice...
      Hope you all made the good one...
      Peace and harmony to you all..

      Crystal Angelik

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