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  • Jon Miler
    Sep 1, 2001
      We are struggling to keep members and we need you to help us out. Please post your comments to any paranormal topic you wish. I am asking for everyone to please help invite your friends or anyone you know who is into paranormal topics. I cannot do this on my own. This group need your help to grow. This is your group and as members I ask you to help out the best you can.

      Paranormalvortex will be adding new promotional tools to seek membership from the public. I want to thank those who's loyalty has kept this e group alive. I want to extend my thanks to everyone who has helped in past promotionals. If anyone has a webpage PLEASE post this e group on your webpage. If you know anyone who has a webpage please ask them to add my e group to their site.

      If membership should drop off to only 3 members I am thinking about closing this e group. I want to keep providing this service to everyone so please help out. Our survival depends on us working together as a group of concerned people working for the truth!

      If we can pull in at least 100 members I will set up a live chat club (not a chatroom) in Klamath Falls Oregon where members can meet and debate the topics we talk about here.

      Any promotional ideas are welcome here and advice is always welcome here. I want to thank everyone once more for their work on keeping this group alive.

      ~Paranormalvortex founder Jon Miler
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