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  • FrenchIndian@webtv.net
    May 20, 2002
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      by Joyce Sequichie Hifler
      If you could remake your personal world, how would you want it? Very few
      can answer that question immediately. Many cannot answer after a great
      deal of consideration. Maybe we are drifters to a degree. There seems to
      be a ceratin amount of apprehension and fear about saying, or even
      thinking of what we want out of life. It may be that we feel some of it
      isn't right to want, or that maybe we are asking more than should be our
      Money is probably the first thing that most people think about, because
      of what they could do for themselves and for others. But what of health
      and peace and love? Without these all the fame and money in the world
      would be entirely meaningless. Without a spiritual foundation to one's
      life, all our desires are built on sand. Without knowing where we're
      going, we are drifters.
      To know what we want with good is the first and most important step. As
      Carlyle wrote, "The man without a purpose is like a ship without a
      rudder - a waif, a nothing. Have a purpose in life, and, having it,
      throw such strength of mind and muscle into your work as God has given
      Tennyson wrote these beautiful words: "More things are wrought by prayer
      than this world dreams of. What are men better than sheep or goats, that
      nourish a blind life within the brain, if, knowing God, they lift no
      hands of prayer both for themselves and those who call them friend!"
      What on this earth could we possibly have of good that has not come from
      the Almighty? What inroads are made into disease and sickness, what
      light has focused more understandingly on mental illness and weaknesses,
      without having been revealed through something greater than we are?
      And indeed, to what can we contribute the smallest or the greatest
      amounts of success, the love we share, the true joys, the peace, and our
      very breath. How presumptuous of us to believe we own one thing of
      lasting value that does not come from God.
      May 20 - Daily Feast
      Most people want control. If they can control something, it seems to
      make things worthwhile. Important people have control, and though it
      appears no one is challenging their power the challenge is there in
      silent communication. A look, a laugh, an unspoken opinion hangs
      suspended until its time to express has come. Real control is in the
      heart. It filters out the pretension, the sham, the show, the
      subterfuge. Intellect takes a back seat to honor which says a person can
      only control for the good of all. Control by sheer force is destined to
      break down - and the fall of it makes a great noise.
      ~ I feel grateful to the Great Spirit for strengthing my heart.... ~
      PETALESHARO - PAWNEE, 1800's
      "A Cherokee Feast of Days, Volume II" by Joyce Sequichie Hifler
      Elder's Meditation of the Day - May 20
      "...the sacred ceremonies given to us by the Creator are the Heart of
      our existence. These ceremonies are our first duty."
      --Traditional Circle of Elders. NORTHERN CHEYENNE
      Hidden in the ceremonies are many truths, many principles, many
      guidelines for living— our access to the Unseen World, healing and
      visions. Because the Indian People didn't have schools or books, the
      Great Spirit gave us Ceremonies. The ceremonies are handed down from
      generation to generation to learn their meaning. Today, many Indian
      People live in cities or urban areas where it's hard to learn the
      ceremonies. We need to go to the Elders and learn the ceremonies so we
      can pass them on to our children.
      Great Spirit,
      teach me the
      Secrets of the
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