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  • Paranormalvortex@yahoogroups.com
    May 1, 2002
      Moderate: There will be a moderator chat to dicuss our future as an egroup. The public in invited. Time and chat server TBA.

      Update: 31 members.
      News: The growth of this egroup is going to challenge us. I have already discovered many ways to help the community grow. People come and they go so we must have a plan of growth meeting place and time TBA. I am going to open a poll to get feedback on what we need to do to enshure positive growth and to keep members we have. We have done well dispite many setbacks and we must find ways to meet the challenges the arise both from yahoogroups, and gaining growth and respect in the paranormal community.

      Webmasternews: Seeking a free dot com domain name. Contact me if you know any place I can go that is free or charge very low hosting fees. I am also seeking advanced HTML webpage design lessions.
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