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157Babylon 5 closer to real life than you expect...

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  • Jon Miler
    Jun 21, 2001
      Yes JMS is a bright spot in SF tv shows. Unlike star trek b5 goes beyond just what you see on a starship it goes into the politics of day to day life. It touches on aspects of human life and odd enough is closer to reality than most expect...the Shadows, the Vorlons, and many other Alien races reminds me of the many competing factions of Earth, all of them out to control the masses in one way or another anyway they can. President Clark for example was not elected by the people..he desolved congress and started an Earth civil war. This Clark is much like what I fear of Bu$h, just look for an excuse by Bush and he will disolve the congress...it creeps the hell out of me to no end of how close JMS got to Clark..and shrub...very creepy.

      Babylon 5: http://babylon5.warnerbros.com/cmp/