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Our Expeditions At Devil's & Shaelor Lakes :::June 29th/30th 2013:::

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  • angel_of_thy_eternal_twilight
    Some of the most memorable journeys taken are the roads less traveled. Our journey would take us deep in the El Dorado Forest in the Carson Pass. I have
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      Some of the most memorable journeys taken are the roads less traveled. Our journey would take us deep in the El Dorado Forest in the Carson Pass. I have always been a sucker for visiting lakes that you cannot drive to but require you to back pack in. Sometimes I go out I find many paranormal things other times the expeditions we plan are to give you guys a great adventure even if did not see a Sasquatch.
      Our journeys over the past weekend took me into the heart of the sierras where we would be tested. You have to love spending so much time in the wilderness the bug bites, cuts, bruises, fatigue, sprains and mud.  I could tell the public that their is no easy way of looking for cryptids sometimes they even happen to find you. Every expedition for us is a risk all the way from wild animals to pushing our bodies to the limits.
      Spending time at Devil's and Shaelor lakes really makes you understand how small you are compared to the rugged scenery that awaits. People never really understand all the hardships we face as paranormal investigators. I have broken down, gotten stuck, flat tires and even dealt with some very insane people in my years. When I am out there in a meadow chasing butterflies or imitating a Sasquatch for me it feels like a second home.
      Devil's Lake perhaps may be called this because it is hell to get to besides the fact that its one of the only lakes in the sierras that has leeches in it. It resides up in a region of Cole Creek and Bear Lake Reservoir. This is an area that is no stranger to Sasquatch so the excitement of journeying even deeper into this wilderness then ever before really excited me. I generally get so excited to go that I generally stay up all night packing the backpacks and gear. In addition these trips take allot of food and drinks for us to maintain our energy level.
      Little did I know when I went off in the sierras the amount of adversity our team would face. My team is my family because honestly I know I can trust them and they will not leave me to die alone. It is pretty sad after living here a few years I still do not have a full team of UFOlogist, Crytpozoologist and Parapsychologist to work with. In a way so many are missing out on some of the most major paranormal experiences in all the years of doing this. Since I been out west now I have found that I can enjoy what nature offers but the paranormal is very abundant even in seclusion if you know what to look for.
      There never is enough time or funding for me to do everything I want to know that includes some pretty deep paranormal projects that defy human comprehension. With that in mind the first half hour I spent it offroading over boulders, rocks and washed out roads. It appeared that this road I was taking to the Devils Lake trail head was not very well used. I could see that their were no fresh tire tracks in weeks up here as it took me up this steep rocky road over this forested mountain.
      The truth is that when you offroad for 10 miles you have no room for mistakes you hit a sharp rock your going to be stranded as in the case when I had two flats. I had to really concentrate to get us up to the overgrown lake trail. I took three forested dirt rocky roads all of them are labeled with numbers and letters. There were areas I could have bottomed out the truck or became struck on some rocks so four wheel drive here is absolutely necessary. When we arrived their was a weathered wood sign that says Devils Lake trail head and our adventure would start truly here.
      Devils Lake
      The creek back here rain right through the trail but more amazingly is how thick the foliage is back here. Every region of the sierras offers something different and I knew this one was a harsh wilderness especially since not to far from here I came home last year with a hundred abrasions. Although the trail is muddy it does eventually start to climb over one of the nearby peaks. Its extremely steep in some parts but eventually their is this massive flat plateau which overlooks miles away Bear Lake which really put into perspective how high we were in these mountains.
      The trail is about a mile and a half prior to reaching the lake perhaps what takes awhile is that their is a very quick elevation gain which tops off with great views of Devil's Lake from the top of this ridge. One of my favorite things about this trail was the abundance of wild flowers which I am doing this year allot of professional photography of them. But also that their is so many different types of butterflies. At times we had dozens flying around us while other ones would be resting on some wild flowers. It is very important for me to log the nature around us as when we add these places to our site we want to keep everything very real so that all of you can feel connected to these locations.
      I was a bit impressed with the size of the lake but more so it looked very marshy and overgrown along the shoreline. When I did reach the shoreline I went out into some of the more marshier areas to look for tracks. I found a few impressions but no solid tracks however their was an area of soft foliage that was made into bedding. It looked like something very large may have been laying in the brush right along the lakes short.
      We would follow the lake where we encountered massive downed trees which we had to crawl underneath. More or less you could say the trail is very primitive and very overgrown as you get closer to the water. At times the brush was so thick the trail would turn into a single file path. We would go as far back into the Bush as we could before the downed trees and foliage were to thick to penetrate which only gave us access to half of the lake.
      We did find this one rock in the shade on the lakes shore that we had lunch at. As fun as it is to visit these lakes its also nice to sometimes take a time out and relax. You never know sitting quietly at the lake shore might reveal a Bigfoot sighting. Just being here was quite a feat considering the fact that I have been wanting to check out this place for awhile.
      Prior to reach the lake and hiking along did reveal one thing that is for certain. That is the fact that thousands of dragon flies swarm its shores just as with the butterflies. I must had seen about five different types of dragonflies back here. Which also shows that their is allot of substantial life here besides an occasional deer track. We had this entire region to ourselves while some people like to just park and enjoy Bear Lake I have found some very primitive places beyond it.
      Perhaps the most disturbing find here was that I dug up a baby diaper out here as at first I see something protruding out of the earth. Not saying people do not have carriers for their children while hiking so its possible but I still have to document these sort of things just in case for law enforcement. We never hope to ever find the unthinkable its just that their are ass clowns in our world and this one more or less littered.
      I wish people had more regard for nature this kind of stuff is what pushes Bigfoot further into the sierras. Although I did not find a ton of evidence I could say that I made an attempt to explore the lush forest and had a hard time doing so. Their is allot of places back here to hide so much plant life, fallen trees etc its very offbeat.
      Hiking back to the truck was a cinch despite the fact we had to hike out of this valley to the top of the ridge and back down to the truck we were refreshed. I would need every ounce of focus for riding off the mountain. The road is all down hill but tons of rocks and you definitely do not want to be stuck back here. However I would have a break down thankfully on the Carson Pass which would alter the Shaelor Lakes expedition.
      Shaelor Lakes
      The oil pressure on my truck dropped to the floor and I kept stalling out in the Carson Pass. The sad thing about the scenario is their really is no shoulder on the road in the sierras. Most of the time you are driving through canyons and up over massive mountains. So the truck was running really hot and the oil filter appeared to be somewhat clogged. I had lifted up the hood it was scorching hot out and we just finished hiking around Devils Lake.
      A really nice guy going through the mountains on his Harley stopped to ask if I needed help. He was on a bike and so their was not much he could do considering I had Tammy and Jarrod with me. The guy seemed pretty worried about us considering the general store located in Silver Lake was miles away and a good climb through the pass. After he left I decided to give the truck a go made it less then a mile when a state trooper from Jackson California offered me her assistance. I never was so happy to see a cop then again I will say that their are some really great cops here out west and she offered us a ride up to the general store.
      She had to search me and I did have weapons so I had to lock them in the truck. She was pretty impressed with my pocket knife hell I am impressed with it its an 80 dollar blade and it may one day save my life if necessary in the wilderness. When we were riding in the car she had a call to the scene of a car wreck so we came to the call. I guess to SUV's crashed into eachother down by the lake the one vehicles axle was broken.
      At the general store I picked up oil to cool down the engine and we really admired the beauty of Silver Lake. I had driven past this region before but once I realized how great it is I want to hike here too eventually. Especially up on top of Thunder Mountain which overshadows the entire lake its gorgeous here. The cop was really friendly she told me she just bought her own horse and has 40 acres of land. This is why I love living here because the cops here do not act above anybody their just as much of outdoor junkies as I am to.
      She took us back to the truck where I put the oil on in and on the hood was a bag with two more quarts in it. The biker we had come across earlier went out of his way to buy us some oil leaving it there. I am so glad because I needed at least three quarts for the truck to work without the engine getting to hot and stalling out. My only regret is that I didn't get either of these angels names I was so worn out from Devils Lake and hot from being out in the sun that I just wanted to get us to safety without someone hitting us through the narrow pass.
      Due to the set back the sun was starting to set but I had finally made it to Shaelor Lakes the benefit was to this all is it really started to cool down. But we also knew that once we made a journey to the lakes we would be hiking back in the dark. Some people enjoy night hiking others it freaks them out. But the more I hike under the stars the more it has felt right over all the years chasing cryptids.
      This is a very primitive trail it is not marked on occasion you might see a stack of rocks something my son and I also do so that hikers can find their way. The trail is fairly easy to follow through the woods till as began's a very steep switch back on top of this ridge. From the ridge to the north you can view this massive canyon and see mountains for miles. You can also see Silver Lake from on top of this vista which gives you grand views of Thunder Mountain which btw is a very sacred place.
      The ridge is very rocky their is no trails just sheets of granite rocks and a tree that grows on the edge of this massive valley below. As you stand near the tree you can see in the valley below upper and lower Shaelor Lakes You can also see below the lakes the massive canyon which eventually widens into this big lush valley full of forest. The ridge was a really scenic place full of wildflowers including a species that only grows in this part of the sierras so I thought that was pretty cool. We even came across a smaller pond in the canyon surrounded by lush green grass and unique rock formations. This hike seemed so timeless as everything seemed to stand still as its nestled in the heart of the El Dorado National Forest.
      As we hiked down to the lakes it was quite challenging which required some steep rock climbing. The closer we came to the lake the more primitive the area became as peaks and sheer cliffs surround both of the lakes. The only problem is that the upper granite lake has no muddy shore line so I would have to carefully traverse to the lower lake which has more marshy shorelines. The lower lake is much more pristine very clear as well as many people come here alone just to swim.
      I was quite pleased to hike during sunset here the skies were pink and the rocks were orange. You could see the cliffs reflecting off the water and Shaelar Creek had some nice little rapids. The same creek connects both of the lakes then drains down into this steep canyon which explains why the valley is so lush because their is an abundance of water back here.
      We would have to find a way to rock climb over the creek which eventually took us to this wicked slanted rock slab hundreds of feet along that took us right down to a cozy little spot on the lower lake. Not as many people visit it because its much smaller and the mosquitoes will eat you alive even if you carry a can of insect repellant. Their is a steep peak behind this lake with a cliff that goes off into a very hard to reach region of the sierras so anything could be back here.
      Only about 60' of shoreline is exposed as I did hike along the muddy banks but did not find anything but a few heel impressions. I figured something could come down off the peak or up into the canyon which has no trails and utilize the lake. I heard something strange before sundown in the woods sounded like maybe a growl or something trying to communicate with something. I also heard allot of frogs out which is why I love being out in nature because hearing them just validates that there is life here.
      We would have dinner packing it up as dusk set in the real challenge however would be trying to hike out of this place. Without the moon out and really a poor trail that takes you up slabs of rock it can get a bit troublesome in the dark. The mosquitoes were so bad up here but the further we went away from the lake once we hit open rock we were able to escape them.
      I remember us rock climbing all the way out of the canyon to the top of the ridge. From on top I was able to see Saturn, Venus and even Mars. I also seen quite allot of constellations it was a gorgeous night for stargazing. But being we had no moon on top of this massive ridge which is fairly flat we could not find the trail to get off the mountain and hike down to the pass. After awhile I had no choice but to get us out of the woods.
      I could see a light up on Silver Lake from afar but as far as peaks none were visible. Between the moss on the rocks and stars I was able to use them both as a means for navigation. Tammy was not liking it she continued to argue that we were never going to find the truck lol. That is the thing about family they will never be as crazy as you and then again you can never expect others to share the whole primitive experience by having to climb down the side of a mountain in the dark.
      I did pull out my compass which btw broke off my hunting knife then mysterious vanished boy was I like WTF so at that point I just had to get us back to the track. What we did was hiked down over the ridge and trust me it took a couple hours as we made our way down this steep mountain. The benefit of it all was that their were no more rocks however it was a very steep hike through a very overgrown forest.
      We would get down 50' then encounter dozens of 300 year old down trees imagine having to climb over them. That was the biggest pain is that we would cross and climb over in some cases under only to come across five more. Then once we would get pass them or walk across massive logs we would come to more downhill climbing. I knew though that if I kept heading down I would eventually come across the forest floor where the trail which was very maintained.
      The other problem is that all this dead wood was scraping us up and Tammy said to me I think your taking us the wrong way. My son said dad I trust you within a minute I came out of the woods within 50' of my truck haha. What can I say you cannot live with family nor can you live without them. I have learned based on all my years of experience that their is very few things you can change. For example if its already nightfall it does not matter what time it is just as its better to come down off the mountain then to wander a ridge trying to find an unmarked trail through a rock ridge.
      In a sense I enjoyed roughing it in the woods no paths just pure mountaineering that is where the adventure is at. We even found a hidden creek that we had to cross and it all really worked out well. Despite how quiet it was once we made it off the mountain something did catch my attention. At first I thought I seen something it turned out to be just a big dead broken tree stump. However their was one point where I heard something big walking through the woods it had weight and you could heard it walking. I cannot say if it was a bear but I can say it had mass to it. Whatever it was seemed to be very elusive we were running three flash lights as we pushed around way through foliage for a mile. The same sort of foliage that could easily hide an elusive Sasquatch.
      I have to say that although luck plays a huge part in what we do the real rewards come from working hard. Only this many things can happen in one day and everything that has happened is for a reason. All the way from the angels who helped me when stranded to putting my outdoor experience to use. There are very few people who would rough the woods not using any trails in the dark. But I consider myself fortunate that over the years I have done extreme back packing and at times have been spot on with getting back to the truck. Regardless I always maintain my cool my goal is always to overcome so I sat under the stars for a bit smoked a cigar.
      All in all it was an exciting trip and on our way home we got to see some deer one of them tried to run out in front of us. I did not see Bigfoot but its easy to see why they would roam these parts considering I put myself in a situation similar to theirs. Your not going to find these creatures on paths you might have to climb rocks and trees all day long. However the more risk you take the more evidence that can often be obtained.
      I would love to eventually do Thunder Mountain but for now I want to savor Devils and Shaelor Lakes. I wanted to thank the people who helped me in the pass and we also hope you appreciate the continuous research we do. When places like this go onto our site we bring you everything videos, nature, scenic photography, reports, evidence etc etc we want you as the viewers to be a part of something greater then you or I. This was such a great place never a dull moment nonstop adventure which we eventually arrived home after midnight we had put in a good days of journeying,
      Anybody who tells you they hear Bigfoot calling to them on every expedition or like these shows is full of it. Not every region has Bigfoot activity just like not every Bigfoot leaves tracks. Their were a few minor things that did strike my interest enough to perhaps come back to these lost worlds that have been forgotten and consumed by mother nature herself. The research will always be ongoing and in between will embrace each and every journey!
      Lord Rick
      Author, Investigator, Producer and Talk Show Host
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