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Our Awesome Expedition At Sly Valley On May 11 2013

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  • angel_of_thy_eternal_twilight
    It was Tammy s birthday so I decided to take her to a really mystical area of the El Dorado National Forest. Our day would be filled with various stops
    Message 1 of 1 , May 24, 2013
      It was Tammy's birthday so I decided to take her to a really mystical area of the El Dorado National Forest.  Our day would be filled with various stops surrounding and in Sly Valley. This is a rich area full of vineyards, rolling hills, lakes, Miwok culture and of course many numerous Bigfoot sightings.
      Our day would start off with breakfast at a country kitchen here in town. The local casinos sometimes give us free dining as being a member so we use them. I ate such a hearty big breakfast with fresh coffee it was a great way to start our morning off.
      We would head on out to Apple Valley its a place known for its Vineyards, Apple orchards, Pumpkin patches and Country hiking trails. The scenery here is breathtaking as its surrounded by the foothills of the sierras. Not many of the farms are open yet but during the fall you can enjoy wagon rides, apple cider and other events.
      We would stop at one of the Vineyards where Tammy and I did some wine tasting. The vineyard was really pretty with tons of flowers overlooking the sierras off in the distance. We bought a bottle of wine after tasting the one we liked. The wine tasting did not cost anything since it was Mothers Day weekend. Just another perk of us touring this region during the holiday.
      Driving down the country roads where the vineyards were was awesome and it got to me thinking about something. Many years ago I was in the orchards of Bok Tower Gardens in Florida when three wild boars ran past me. They were minimum 600lbs the ground shook as I stood still as if I moved they may have trampled me to death it was a pretty intense experience. I had come to realize that such orchards are also a food source for such animals like boars which makes sense as to why there are so many Bigfoot sightings surrounding this region. We have to assume that since Bigfoot are omnivorous that they also live off these orchards at times. Just some food for thought hence why this is such a great area to Bigfoot search.
      We would leave Apple Hill and go up the road to a place called Sly Valley and well this place is not cheap to get in. Since it also is a recreational outdoors area they charge an arm and a leg to get in just to park. But once you are area there are many sites like Jenkinson Lake, Miwok Village, Waterfalls etc to enjoy!.
      Our goal was to hike around the entire lake maybe take some other trails along the way totaling around 10 miles all together. We would pack our backpacks with drinks and lunch for the long haul. We had a long trip on foot to go and allot of sites to see. The Springtime in the Sierras is beautiful with wild flowers blooming and allot of nature about.
      When we began our hike we came across so many butterflies and lady bugs there was also many geese that I photographed up close. There were baby ducks everywhere and the nature was quite abundant. The lake was crystal clear and the weather was really nice for summer wear.
      Our first site we hiked back into was the Miwok Village which takes you into a heavy thick forest similar to jungle with many blooming dogwood trees. I ran EVP and EMF back in the brush we found a teepee, long wood tube where I lost my pants, water trough and a few other things. The creek meandering through the village and fresh smell of flowers filled the air this was a really nice cultural spot hidden away.
      As we hiked along the lake we passed a chimney protruding out of the water known as Chimney Point. At one time whatever was here was not underwater. I thought it was a pretty cool site imagine having scuba gear and being able to swim out to it not even.
      Along the hike we also came across a waterfall some lady I passed by told me not to jump off of it. Not sure why someone would say that to me I guess I look like Johnny Dangerous or something. The problem is that parts of the lake trail go right through peoples camps and since it was Mothers Day weekend they were jam packed. Allot of people around sort of takes away from the whole Bigfoot searching despite the valleys seclusion I am sure there are better times of year to do research here.
      We did make it to the waterfall I soaked my feet in the pool of water while we also had lunch here. Its an amazing force of water that pours into the pool. But the pool is fairly deep enough for a nice swim as some visitors were swimming here. I toked up enjoyed a few cigars and enjoyed a nice rest here before heading on off.
      The rest of the hike was very secluded reaching parts of the valley where people are not found to often. That is where I found an impression in the ground. It was deep and large but it could have been made by a bear. Just as on a hillside in the woods I found to massive grooves sliding down the hillside. Hard to say what made these things. I know there are tons of reports of screams, Bigfoot sightings and even evidence found surrounding this lake. Maybe whatever is here does make its way to the lake on occasion for a drink. The valley walls have some very thick foliage and a very steep slope so whatever made them came down into it. BTW the slide marks were over 59 inches in length by about 10 inches wide.
      We eventually made our way around almost the entire lake where we walked across the dam. Lots of reservoirs and dams in the sierras. Some of them are surrounded by strangeness much like back east in the Appalachians. I bet there are some nice sized fish by the dam itself I seen some people on boats fishing not to far away.
      It was good seeing the truck as we been hiking most of the day and the sun was just about down. We had headed for home and our day was far from over. I had made Tammy a special dish with breaded flavorful cube steaks with sugar snap peas then she opened up her gifts and we ate a chocolate vanilla Carvel ice cream cake. Later on we played Kinect bowling for xbox 360 and boy was I beat. It had been a day filled with so many events, adventure and fun. Happy birthday to Tammy and Sneezer my stoner kitty who turned seven. Yeah Tammy and him share a birthday!
      Lord Rick
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