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Our Second Investigation of "The Woodfords Manor & Cary Peak" April 6th 2013

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  • angel_of_thy_eternal_twilight
    As some of you know every April we do a special investigation in or around Easter Sunday. I felt the perfect investigation would be a return visit to
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 14, 2013
      As some of you know every April we do a special investigation in or around Easter Sunday. I felt the perfect investigation would be a return visit to Woodfords Manor which is an old pioneer school then to attempt to climb to the top of Cary Peak. Never once removing my rabbit ears as silly as it seems we care allot about kids and allot of our viewers are younger curious avid potential paranormal investigators.
      It truly is amazing how close I live to all of these places it takes me minutes to go up into the sierras and enjoy every gem they have to offer. This includes waterfalls, streams, woods, historic sites, trails, cliffs, rock formations and last of all amazing views.
      Our second investigation would be much more in depth we wanted to give you a brief tour inside the school trying to capture the buildings haunts. Meanwhile hike to Cary Peak in search of Bigfoot which sometimes can be a test of patience in order to find any sort of evidence.
      We are one of the only paranormal groups out there that in one day can do three sorts of investigations dealing with three types of phenomena but it does happen. We want to bring a variety of the paranormal to our followers so they can learn about every aspect of our finds.
      My sons been assisting me with my investigations because I really do not have any investigators. I have learned that very few people ever want to commit to the paranormal. People enjoy a good scare or two after that they are done with it. My boys are solid hikers they help me look for tracks and carry supplies.
      We would pack our backpacks full of gear park up on the old Pony Express then begin our ascension to the manor. One of the manors door was open this time around on our second visit. It was not what I expected though as I thought this was a home or some sort of station but it turns out that it is an actual school house.
      Not a bad schoolhouse but one with great views of the snowy sierras and high desert valley. One surrounded by massive alpines and even a little shop down the road that sells candy for the kids. In a way when I enter these places I try to envision myself as what it would be like to be a student here. It has such an old pioneer feeling and the largest class would be up to 12 kids if not less.
      We did do an investigation inside the EMF detector did go off not as much as our first initial visit. But it went off enough to know that there probably is a ghost inside of the school. The one thing I noticed about the inside of the school is the millions of rat droppings. Trust me everybody always wear a mask or put something over your mouth/nose. If you do not you could contact a disease that can kill you within a month and no their is no cure for it. Your lungs basically break down fill with fluid and you die. I try to use my investigations as a way to educate others so that they can be safer on their travels as well.
      The floor plan within the school was very open with chalk boards on each side. There was also scattered about some desk, chairs and other old pieces of furniture laying on there sides. The sun was pouring in through the slats between the boards near the observation windows so we really did not even need a flash light.
      There was a long hall that had bathrooms one for boys and another for girls. A pantry closet in between the bathrooms maybe for supplies or for the kids to store there belongings. In the hall was an old wood stove it was very rusty and you could look above seeing where water had been leaking through. Most of the inside of the school was a pale green color with allot of woodwork.
      Also in between the bathrooms was a kitchen we have to assume that the staff here had there own break room during recess or perhaps the kids ate there lunch here at different intervals. One of the most touching things I noticed about the school is on one of the chalk boards was written names of those who graduated in the class of 1968 then next to it 1974. The lass of 68' had 8 students in total so this was a very small place of education.
      I also seen two teachers names listed on a bulletin board next to the chalk boards one of them was Gladys Loganbill. If some of you remember I investigated her ranch a couple years ago which turned out to be the most haunted ranch in Nevada. I also visited her cemetery plot and so that produced good results. To have found her name up at here made me feel good its like I completed another piece of the puzzle knowing she was a school teacher while her husband ran the farm.
      Seeing all of these things made me realize some of the students who attended here may have passed on while we know for sure one schoolteacher is no more. But at one time she taught these students and these students went off into our world to make life a better place. All that remains now sadly is the shell I stood in so if I could bring a piece of the past to our viewers then in reality it is a positive step in the right direction.
      There was also a basement not very large lots of cobwebs but we went down there to do some EVP sessions. Another room we found an old sofa cushion in perhaps that was the office hard to say. Although we did not experience much activity here I took readings, photos and evp recordings.
      The last visitors the school received was in 1996 as someone wrote there name in chalk saying we were here. I wanted to find chalk to write my name to the board as well just to say hey we care about this place but sadly its so deplorable that I am afraid that even though its stone shell is a thing of beauty internally its in disrepair.
      I stayed here for awhile it was kind of hard to leave this is a place near my home so I visit here just to visit. I know its been vandalized and over the years let go. Its ashamed because I am willing to bet students had some really good memories that is when I wanted to create one of our own a climb to Cary Peak which overshadows the school.
      We would start off taking some old pioneer road that led us up into a canyon that led straight up to the peak. The boys and I found a stream along with some mechanisms hidden in the brush where water ran into the tank then further downstream. It was a nice day although very overcast but we were surrounded by purple butterflies that is how you know Spring is here in the sierras.
      I never follow any set trail hell I do not even use a compass I just know when I reach peaks what to look for and how to traverse. Cary peak only sits a couple thousand feet above the school if I told you it was an easy climb id be lying its fairly steep mixed with some decomposed granite. So for every three steps you take you slide backwards half of that so its very strenuous on the legs.
      The boys and I made it to the peak quickly since this is one of the last mountains that connects to the Carson Range it also is a gateway between the sierras and the range itself. Which is why I feel its a good location to venture out looking for Bigfoot evidence.
      Sadly the entire ground along the mountains are decomposed leaving very little foot prints or massive rocks that you can climb. As we went a bit higher we began to rock climb to make it to the peak where across the canyon to the west we spotted a major waterfall pouring over a cliff.
      We would have lunch at the peak although it did began to rain a little so we found a den to eat in. I was sweating so the rain felt really good on my skin the problem is our equipment does not like to get wet. With views of the snowy mountains of Alpine County and to our left the Carson Valley I spent an hour on a rock just admiring the views.
      The kids and I did not experience e much Bigfoot activity but we did hear this gorilla like sound when nearing the peak. I cannot say what animal makes a sound like this but it was odd. It sounded like a primate with a large chest producing these sounds.
      Heading down off the mountain was much different for us it was a few times faster for us to slide down using the side of our shoes. The boys got on ahead of me and that is where I found two large tracks. Erosion had set in they were very fragile but you could make out a couple toe impressions. That is before the wind blew my measuring tape and the entire track collapsed on itself. Even though they were not extremely large they appeared to be that of a younger Bigfoot like creature that appeared to be making its way down to the school where you could cross the road leading up into the high sierras. So it made allot of sense as to why they were heading down the mountain at this trajectory.
      The boys and I finalized the trip by stopping at the Pony Express Memorial as we cut through a construction site. We would also take pictures at the street sign that says Pony Express. Little did I ever know years ago that I would investigate a haunted school on the Pony Express or climb high above the old emigrant trail where thousands poured into California in the mid 1800's. All within a days work it turned out to be really our first Bigfoot jaunt of 2013.
      Lord Rick
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