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  • xxlorddarksoulxx@aol.com
    Here Here! Couldn t have said it better myself. These people on here have been making me sick. Members have promised to donate and tell us the check s in
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 1, 2004
      Here Here!  Couldn't have said it better myself.  These people on here have been making me sick.  Members have promised to donate and tell us the check's in the mail..... my family in Vegas send me things and it takes 3 days to get.  When someone lives in the same town and it's been a week later that someone says they sent it.  I asked people to donate .50 how hard is that to donate.  Rick asked for $1.00 Hell I spend that on something stupid.  With over 1200 members on this board and noone can donate .50 or $1.00, it's a damn shame.  I hope Rick makes this a pay site and all of you can kiss his ass.  You all take advantage of something that you aren't even a part of.  We have gone out in the freezing subzero temperatures to bring pictures of ghost and ectoplasmic beauties.  Rick has over 10 rolls of film that have accrued because he can't afford to get them developed, his van hasn't worked since the beginning of the month and got stranded in a snow storm without money to get home.  He has gone through a lot and all this because he feels that everyone should see what the churched try to hide from you and show that there is life after death.  There are over 50 people on this group that live within 10 minutes from Rick and not a one will help with an investigation.  You people don't deserve to be a part of this organization.  We have investigators that were going to make member of the year and last minute when it was time to help pay for the site, they dissappeared.  Let me tell you guys something,  I hope that Rick takes the site down.  YOu guys don't participate on the message boards, you don't respond to any messages posted, you just read the articles and view the 'FREE' website.  You are a selfish group and I hope that he starts charging people a membership for the group.  You all recieve a free service and you'd think that a simple donation would be enough to ask for, it's not like we're asking for $20.00 a month or $80.00 for a year.  All we ask is that you buy a bumper sticker, post an article or respond to messages being posted, drop $1.00 in the mail or something.  Hell, you don't want to donate money, then what the hell is the problem responding to a post?  YOu are lazy and selfish and disgust me not only as a member, but as an investigator that has paid out my fair share to bring you jerks what Rick feels everyone has a right to know exists.    All of you can go to hell.  That's why this country is falling apart, because fellow americans only care about themselves and not their neighbors.  To hell with you all.
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