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Last Night's New Years Eve Party...

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  • LordOfThyNight@aol.com
    Last night really was not a party but as I look at it its not about how many show its about the company you are with. I had pretty much gave up on trying to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2007
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      Last night really was not a party but as I look at it its not about how many show its about the company you are with. I had pretty much gave up on trying to get people to show after a few people wrote me from here and I never heard from them again.
      But this party was real special in the sense that we have a lot to celebrate for since 2006 was a very hard but successful year for our group. But we are also looking forward to 2007.
      We had pizza, subs, mixed drinks, smirnoff's, snacks and Dana brought some wine which between her and I we drank both bottles together lol. Then the boys had a dart war I got hit in the nose and that went on for most of the night.
      Andrew our investigator was their and of course Christi our rules enforcer as well as Dana my special friend :)~ this New Years was a lot better then the last couple I have had. Their was a nice fireworks display outside my house oh man they had some nice ones. Actually my whole neighborhood put on a nice display so we spent sometime outdoors watching.
      I had some friends that were going to show but they were drinking and could not get over to my house so it was just a small get together. I was pretty baked most of the night you will understand when you see the photos I was stoned and that wine that Dana brought put me on another plane of existence some really good stuff.
      I had a nice long kiss at midnight I really don't think I could ask for more then someone to kiss under the fireworks and spend the night with. I did not get any sleep was up the whole night ended up taking an hour snooze.
      I go threw the same routine over and over with people so those that did lie and did not show CYA go find another list:) I do not deal with dishonesty amongst members. Those that did not show you missed out we had a lot of great food, all kinds of pizzas, drinks, great music etc just a nice night all around.
      All in all cheers to 2007 we had a great year within our organization with 4 out of state trips, couple thousand new members, made the front page of the local newspaper actually met with a few editors in 2006. Lets not forget the ton of great parties we have had where we had one party up to 40 people. We did a lot of great places this past year and this party is just an outlet to a wonderful 2007.
      I always wanted to celebrate New Years with a bang and if you think we did really awesome in 2006 with the forts, haunted forest, mounds, haunted houses, plantations, historical sites, factories etc wait till you see what I bring in 2007 to the table only 2 months away from Jersey Devil Adventuring!
      I hope everybody had a safe and happy new year!
      Lord Rick
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