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**RECAP** On Last Month (October)

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  • AngelOfThyNight@aol.com
    Well October is over with and November is here and I always try to write a little something about each month as it passes by. This seemed to be as always one
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2004
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      Well October is over with and November is here and I always try to write a little something about each month as it passes by.  This seemed to be as always one our busiest months but perhaps more busy for me trying to get as much information and articles sent out as possible.

      With the new Hobbit find and all the Chupacabras sighings in Texas those two were the biggest stories last month. We reached well over 1000 messages on each paranormal message board and for those that took the time out this Halloween to at least make one or more post thank you that shows me your loyalty towards this group.

      October was a busy month of investigating as we investigated around 15 places some of them turned out to be majorly haunted. Then with me heading on out to NY doing a TV interview that really was a wonderful additive to the Halloween festivities. Sorry about the airing time honestly did not know when it was guess the producer got to busy to let me know but a few told me they seen me on tv this week that probably was it.

      Not only that but we had one new investigator sign up on our team as well and she will work out really nice. Its ashamed that more wont get involved though. But at least now we have a couple investigators which is terrific news.

      Then we had the blood moon wednesday so close to Halloween and very few people are lucky enough to spend it while being at some haunted locations so that in itself is really something unforgettable trampling around in cemeteries with a red moon.

      Lets not forget about our party which took place in October as well it was nice to see some people from our group come on out, bring a dish and have a great time. It seems like every OCTOBER were always getting a few more people to come on out and get involved with what were about.

      But all in all October was more then about just a few haunted places it was a time of friendship, my first Halloween in Florida, a time were once again we were on television, and a time of great things to come as we started case files in some of the most haunted places in central Florida.

      Sadly I was told I would do a story for the newspaper here in Daytona and instead they lied to me did another group I guess my 60 something investigatons out here was not good enough to the other group who did one place the whole year go figure but by next October will blow everybody out of the water I promise you that here in the central florida area.

      Now it will be a time where i spend days taking down decorations lol as I have so many spider webs strung up all over the house its crazy. But it was a nice October maybe my best Halloween ever as I went out to the place i have always wanted to go eat dinner at since i moved here, trick or treating, went to a carnival this month and a halloween festival so all in all It was a fun but busy month and hopefully I can spend November relaxing a little more.

      On a good note planning for our next party is in the works and next October will even be better I do not know how there is no eclipse lol but as you know were here to try and bring you the best entertainment, knowledge, and friendship on this side of the web when dealing with things that go bump in the night. So yes a great holiday has passed but a bright future has begin. Have a nice day!
      PGS Founder

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