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80916Owner Note Big Changes Coming To Our PGS Forums

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  • angel_of_thy_eternal_twilight
    Jul 24, 2014
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      I am going to be renovating our yahoo forums in the near future since they have entirely changed the way they do things. Auto files will no longer go out sorry but when people begin to really disrespect the group I was kind of left without a choice but to have auto files sent out on rules etc etc three times a month. Now the only auto files that will go out will be for new members so if your new do not lose them because the links and information we provide is a means for you to find your way around PGS.
      Id like to see more people start posting again if you post evidence, pictures, articles etc you can be sure ill answer most questions or respond to them. That is just how I do things within my forums. Right now instead of sending paranormal news to here I send it on our google+ and FB Page and both are doing quite well with participation as well as visitors per week believe me.
      But I do not want to abandoned the yahoo forums either so it takes two to mingle just remember that. I will try to do some renovations soon like update our files, logo on the front page, banner on top, description etc etc and hopefully start getting a few sends to our forum time to time. However I still have allot of cases to add from our summer of adventures so far too so I am only one man.
      I could use new moderators here so that they can help contribute post, start topics of the week, welcome members and share some para news so its up to you if you want that position. If I know you then you will have the power to ban or remove spam which we get allot of.
      Anyhow the updates are out would have sent them yesterday but ran into a yahoo glitch which they had to fix. Now its fixed so I can post to my forums again and get some things going.
      Lord Rick