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80659File - PGS Needs Your Help Apply Within!!

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  • ParanormalGhostSociety@yahoogroups.com
    Mar 16, 2014
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      We are a very large paranormal group on the web therefore we rely on our fans
      and members to help us maintain the group and site. If you wish to apply for one
      of the various positions please contact me for more information. Here is what I
      need from our members.

      Moderators: We need others to help moderator our forums. If I do not know you I
      will not grant you full access but you will have the ability to get some special
      privileges. Moderators are responsible for deleting spam out of the files
      area...approving or declining post...welcoming members...helping assist new
      members...keeping the board active...advertising the group and site. Moderators
      if given the privilege can ban spammers but I usually handle that. You will be a
      team leader its not really the controls that matter its more that your given
      this position as a representative of the PGS organization.

      Promoters: If you own a website please place a link on your page or use one of
      our banners at the bottom of www.paranormalghostsociety.org/main.asp we always
      need our members to promote us whether you tell your local newspapers about
      us...bands...paranormal fans...etc if you have a myspace page...or even just a
      simple homepage put a link to our group or society up so others can find us. Its
      not much to ask others to put a banner linking back to our site on there page.
      The banners are thumbnails at the link above just click them...save them then
      transload them to your site and hotlink them its that simple.

      Investigators: If your in Central Northern Nevada...or in Central California we will be
      looking for paranormal investigators no experience necessary. But you must be
      able to hike...climb....be adventurous...fun....and follow protocol. If your not
      a good hiker or climber we do have mild investigations. Safety is in numbers so
      even though you cannot perform all the task we always need researchers...people
      to stay back at base camp....photographers....etc to find out more about our
      positions go here www.paranormalghostsociety.org/theteam.htm then click the team
      button. We need mediums, adventurers, cryptozoologist, parapsychologist,
      ufologist, safety person, medic etc lots of positions but you must be open to
      visiting abandoned places... cemeteries.....woods...historical sites...etc some
      places are trespassing as we mix paranormal and UE together.

      Security Advisors: I need people who can be our security. Any hate posts...hate
      sites....threats....stalkers..false articles... etc need to be dealt with
      accordingly. Your job will be to nuke the hate sites by contacting there
      ISPs,group owners, site owners, authorities, attorneys, gather information etc
      Due to the high amount of hate crimes against me and our forums we need others
      who can help me rid of it. This should be a fun job no rewards just you and
      them. Your job will be to write all these people and ask them to get rid of the
      content if not your job will be to take further actions. This is not an illegal
      position rather its just a person who can monitor the hate...and take the right
      actions necessary to put an end to it as civil as possible. If its illegal help
      me get it off the net if its illegal you will be responsible for watching the
      groups back.

      Publicist: Most important position of all you will write newspapers, radio
      stations, websites, television producers, big name bands etc. telling them about
      who we are. You can focus on our site www.paranormalghostsociety.org or focus on
      various areas like advertising the radio show...or logo wear store...or our
      paranormal equipment store...or band promotion page etc etc. This is a very
      responsible position as you must contact at least 5 different sources a week.
      You will also be responsible for asking other sites to post a link to our
      site...you will help find us awards...you will write editors perhaps asking if
      they will do a story on a particular investigation or about who we are. You will
      get a chance to write television producers etc each person you contact and write
      I must be given a copy so that in the future I do not write them again. You must
      also try to find us grants...funding...and even be intellectual enough to write
      your own editorials about the organization. You will go out find us
      investigators in the area etc this is a perfect part time thing for anybody. I
      cannot pay you but we can work something out so that way if I get a big tv show
      deal I can include you or something to that effect. I need others who know what
      they are doing if you cannot spend one day per week at least helping promote
      this is not the position for you.

      Researchers: I need people who can find us clients and research places to
      investigate. I need others who can give me the locations to abandoned locations,
      tunnels, cemeteries, historical sites, ships, haunted forest, haunted houses etc
      etc your job will be to research various places and submit them to me. The
      places currently I need researched are places in CA or NV.
      Your job will be to find us locations for our team to check out.
      Some places you will have to find by talking with other people online, some you
      will find on websites, some will be found across the web, some you will find
      word of mouth, some you may find at historical societies. I need someone who on
      occasion can submit a few places to us. Currently I need places surrounding the
      west coast I need places surrounding the Reno,Carson City,Sacramento etc.
      Researching is a fun job because you get to pick the places and I go to them
      put them on the site. This is a nice way to help out the group.
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