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80657File - Check Out Theatrical Clowns Our Satire Comedy Board....

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  • ParanormalGhostSociety@yahoogroups.com
    Mar 16, 2014
      Dear Viewers,

      We invite you to enjoy Theatrical Clowns our newest site a mix between a Satirical Site and a comedy based board off real life experiences as being a paranormal founder. We will discuss topics such as Celebrities, Serial Killers and Unruly basket cases.

      Allot of the material we have taken over the years is content dealing with those everyday crazies we deal with called ass clowns. Its always free to laugh and we have a wide range of subjects some of which have harassed our very own groups for many years:) Who are a little wise best fools be only at.....


      Revenge has never tasted sweeter!

      Lord Rick
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