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80652File - The PGS Equipment Wish List You Can HELP!

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  • ParanormalGhostSociety@yahoogroups.com
    Mar 16, 2014
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      Due to a high volume of extreme investigations we burn through a lot of gear which puts us at risk and does not allow us to work at our maximum abilities. We want to bring you the best paranormal evidence as possible but since we are self funded we rely on members to donated new and used gear for us to use. No reason to let old or unused equipment go to waste when our group can use it.

      If you feel generous towards our team members and society this is another way you can help on out. You can donate used and new gear towards us. Thank you for your patronage and support!

      1. Digital Recorder For EVP USB Cord/Software if possible
      2. New EMF Detectors
      3. Thermal Detectors
      4. Two way radio
      5. Surefire Lights
      6. Rechargeable Batteries....Also Triple AAAs for our lights....and Double AAs
      7. Sound Amplifiers
      8. Cash Donations Money Order Only our paypal is down or IGEN Prepaid Mastercards (Walmart, Most Gas Stations Etc)
      9. New Equipment Bags Anything Weather Proof
      10. Any Used Video Cameras So We Can Record Our Journeys For The Site
      11. Bear Mace,Stun Gun & Knives
      12. 10 to 20 million candle light power spotlight....ours has extended its use trust me!
      13. Back up portal battery charger for any spotlight.
      14. Film Definitely 400 speed 800 preferred
      15. 35-75mm Camera
      16. Digital Camera 7.0 and Above trust me all 3 of mine were broken this past year on investigations.
      17. Night Vision Cam
      18. Remote Control Helicopter for Bigfoot Surveillance
      19. Tree/Deer Cams
      20. Gas Cards
      21. Triple AAA Batteries HIGH DEMAND
      22. Cordless Phone With Good Charge Time For Our Future Radio Shows
      23. External Hard Drive
      24. Thermal Imager
      25. Safety Gear
      26. Camping Gear
      27. Climbing Gear
      28. Head Lamps or Hard Hats
      29. Trifield Meters
      30. Gauss Meters

      We are not saying you have to go out there and start purchasing new things however if you wish to donate any of these items you can do so at your own free will. We take allot of photography and video on investigations so the items you send your also going to see put to use by our team.

      You can send any of these items at anytime to:

      The Paranormal & Ghost Society
      PO Box 6175
      Gardnerville NV 89460

      Thank you for all your support!
      Lord Rick
      PGS Founder
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