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80649File - AngelOfThyNight Radio On Disc OWN The Collection TODAY!!

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  • ParanormalGhostSociety@yahoogroups.com
    Mar 16, 2014
      Dear Fans,

      I would like to take this time to announce AngelOfThyNight Radio on disc which
      includes all our episodes per season with bloopers and artwork. As a talk show
      host we do not get paid for our live performances whether they are about the
      paranormal or the comical skits we perform. But this is a way for you to show
      your support so that we can continue to bring you years of entertainment. We
      want you to own the show right in your own homes. Hours upon hours of comedy,
      adventure, surprises, bloopers, raw satire at its best hosted by Lord Rick

      Each disc has its own original artwork plus music per track. You can put the
      episodes on your IPODS listen to them at work or burn some of the longer
      episodes on disc for your car stereo/radios. Although you may not feel its worth
      purchasing the disc keep in mind this radio will still be as entertaining today
      as it is 10 years from now as you are about to hear some of the best radio of
      its kind. This is a new sort of innovative radio brought to the guest who love
      the paranormal but like to be entertained while tuning in.

      We want you to own the collection some episodes will make you wet your pants
      others are more serious with various guest and such. Some celebrities tune into
      our shows as these are live recordings. All our shows are done on camera as well
      but even though you will not get to see you will get to envision.

      This collection will appall you it will make you want to share it with friends,
      play it at parties, listen to it while chilling in your bedrooms with a brew. So
      please considering owning each season as our show grows and gets better over the
      years. To check out the cost of each season with some product information just
      visit here and we thank you for your purchase of AngelOfThyNight Radio....
      http://www.paranormalghostsociety.org/AngelOfThyNightRadioOnDisc.htm now you can
      own something created by the good Lord himself.

      Peace & Love To All My Fans,

      Lord Rick
      Talk Show Host

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