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80648Our 2014 Paranormal Logo....Check It Out Pretty Rad!!! :D

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  • angel_of_thy_eternal_twilight
    Mar 12, 2014
      This is our 2014 logo I worked hard on it today so when you see future website additions of the adventures and paranormal sites you will see this logo at the top of each page. I want to make this fun of course my logos do portray what I see in the future. I have had some of the best UFO sightings of my life the past few months and I am hooked on aliens. I also am intrigued with the fact that maybe their is a mother ship out there bigger then even Mars. Anyhow I let my creative juices flow it was a bad day for me earlier but with steak broiling and a new logo brings up my spirits! So we hope you cherish and enjoy it. We have had so many unique logos over the years some of it we also can put on T-shirt for you or a coffee mug./beer stein etc. anyhow peace be with you! Going to go watch Revolution love that show!
      ~ Lord Rick