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  • angel_of_thy_eternal_twilight
    Mar 5, 2014
      This is going to be a great film I know Chris has put a ton of effort into the films production as I am also going to be in this documentary. Years ago back in 2007 I went out to NJ and we spent a few days in the pine barrens. We camped under the stars hiked for hours on end and we had some pretty successful expeditions in trying to find this creature. I believe its real the natives called this region the forest of dragons because that is kind of what the Jersey Devil is sort of. It flies has a devil like tail some say its very dragon like. I have not seen it but we heard it by our camp and believe me it was not a pleasant sound. We also found mutilations in the woods no less NJ has allot of great ghost towns and historic sites. When you can mix up the history while seeking out this cryptid it truly makes for one hell of an adventure.
      Lord Rick
      In a message dated 1/29/2014 2:24:19 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, anthrobabe7@... writes:

      Sounds very interesting!!! The jersey devil has always intrigued me!! I have studied anthropology and want to extend it more into the crypto side of things as well as the paranormal side!!! I mean he meets all of them according to legend as well as many others!!! Looking forward to seeing what you find!!

      On Jan 29, 2014 1:42 PM, <castoraxis@...> wrote:

      Legend, lore and science meet

      Axis Video and Pine Barren Films have teamed up to produce a documentary concerning the Jersey Devil, it is titled "THE SEARCH FOR THE JERSEY DEVIL". We will approach the documentary from a scientific stance and also take care to preserve NJ's most famous legendary resident.
      Below are links to provide more information:

      Setting up the next leg of our Documentary on the Jersey Devil. Help preserve this legend.

      Official Facebook page:

      Junto Box Page

      "If you wish to hide something and keep it hidden, the New Jersey Pine Barrens is the perfect location."

      (C) Axis Video/Pine Barren Films 2014

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