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  • angel_of_thy_eternal_twilight
    Mar 5, 2014
      I have seen videos in Texas of hairless dogs to and some people think those are chupacabras when in fact its just some kind of unknown canine.
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      It is Rick, has been all over the internet. It is a hairless Squirrel, can't remember the name of the species off hand, but that is what I read.


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      It looks like some sort of hairless animal maybe a monkey with no hair? I know that some animals suffer from mange which can often make them look hideous. The long tail is very similar to that of a monkey but the ears leave me wondering. Its very strange that I will say!
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      If I am not mistaken that looks like the Jersey Devil, found only in New Jersey. Be Well, Jonathon
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      A post on Reddit is getting a lot of attention this week. Someone posted a photo of a strange monster-like looking creature climbing along a fence in Oklahoma. Everyone is wondering what the unidentified animal is.

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      A strange monster-like creature is spotted

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