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80640NEW **UPDATES** On Our Site "Sierra Nevada Triangle" Step Into The Twilight Zone

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  • angel_of_thy_eternal_twilight
    Mar 4 6:25 PM
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      Good Evening ladies and gentlemen,
      Tonight is a very special addition to our site it is the Sierra Nevada Triangle. It is what I discussed on various paranormal radio interviews and it is the location of many other strange things. More or less I have compiled a nice hub which is connected to the Nevada Triangle all the way from news articles to even the disappearances of pilots.
      I have decided since we have had so many Bigfoot and UFO experiences within the triangle that this is a very important addition to our website. I also have information on the Long Valley Caldera which is south of me its Yellowstones twin sister so since its been becoming active it would make sense that I film so many UFOs off in that direction because more then often they are seen prior to Earth changing events.
      Think of this as a hug we have all sorts of sections compiled together to form this strange addition to our site. You will now be able to come to our site view our progress and work that takes place within the triangle. This could vary from UFO footage, photography and Bigfoot evidence. It will keep all of you very busy sifting through the wealth of information I laid out so use it its a learning educational tool that is how I designed it to be. But also to move forward with FULL UFO DISCLOSURE!!
      If you want to see this addition directly you can do so at www.paranormalghostsociety.org/SierraTriangle.htm then click any of the flying saucers for that given section. Its kind of like stepping into the twilight zone we have so much strange information posted most of it our own work of oddities we have come across while in the triangle.
      If you want to visit the epilogue for this investigation you can do so in:
      Gateway 4/Portal 24
      Sierra Nevada Triangle Prologue Page/Maps/Long Valley Caldera
      Sierra Nevada Triangle UFO Images and Stills
      Sierra Nevada Triangle UFO Videos
      Sierra Nevada Triangle News Articles
      Sierra Nevada Triangle UFOs In The Media/Wall Of The Weird
      Sierra Nevada Triangle Case 121213
      Sierra Nevada Triangle Bigfoot Video Evidence
      Sierra Nevada Triangle Strange Sounds and Audio
      Sierra Nevada Triangle Viewer Submissions
      Sierra Nevada Triangle Bigfoot Photo Evidence
      Sierra Nevada Triangle Documentaries
      Sierra Nevada Triangle Our UFOLOGY Team
      Sierra Nevada Triangle The Void
      Paracomedy 2013: Bloopers from Dec.
      This is a jammed pack addition to our site its full of evidence photos, videos, articles, media and much of it comes from the hard workings of our expeditions in some of the most remote parts of the world.
      I have to say my experiences with Area 51, Mojave Desert and climbing the High Sierras taught me one thing. Do you know what that is? That we have more questions then we do answers. If I had gotten a dollar for every strange incident within the triangle or region that took place id be rich. I see some very amazing UFOs the past couple of months just as a couple months ago found the track of a 7' Bigfoot.
      The triangle brings both together along with other mystery legends and lore. Its a desolate place a really untouched frontier depending on where you decide to journey or explore at. So we do hope you enjoy this addition our next one will be of the Carson Hills which is also a 10 thousand year old ancient site so that one will be pretty cool to.
      I spent a long long long time putting the triangle together had to go sift through my evidence, dig deep and gather everything so that we could put it into one hub. This will allow others to understand more about these strange places on Earth similar to the Bermuda and Devil's Triangle. So more or less it is a tool and you can learn a little about our case files which are quite compelling in proving that we have had encounters with the unexplained.
      Anyhow have a great night ill be back later with post to our FB and Google Plus pages. For now its time to go eat some steak and watch Supernatural. It was a gorgeous day here in the mountains in the 60s everything is already blooming its a bit odd to say the least but it is what it is. I live in the triangle so you can only imagine how strange life gets being up in these mountains and now I get to share it all with you.
      All the radio interviews, videos, imagery and UFO material was all purposely put together for today and now I give it to all of you. Not for fame not for money just for one purpose to come forth with what we know and to unmask the paranormal.
      However if you wish to donate my site fees a month are killing me you can help me with that by using paypal at pondercorp57@... I am not going to beg but if you feel what we have to contribute to the community is worth a second glance then please help keep our doors open so I can continue to not only add my work but the work of others within the triangle who want to come forth.
      The Nevada Triangle addition to our site is so much more then a case its a massive ongoing project one where some of the best UFO footage your going to see so its a really down to Earth thing we are doing besides making others aware of the Caldera which may wipe out most of the United States so everything were working seem to coincide with signs and I expect this region to keep getting stranger.
      What really sensationalized the triangle is when Steve Fossett's plane vanished but long before that many strange things have occurred like in the 1800s they found three butchered pioneers/emigrants who were hiking through the triangle. So its definitely larger then life so enjoy it and peace be with you.
      Lord Rick
      PGS Founder