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80633File - Tune On In To AngelOfThyNight & Nightfall Radio Check It Out

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  • ParanormalGhostSociety@yahoogroups.com
    Mar 2, 2014
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      Did you know that the founder Of The Paranormal & Ghost Society has his own internet radio show! Tune on in as the show discusses recent events...investigations...various paranormal topics...functions within our group.....and even strange articles. There is no show like in the world as we offer entertainment, stand up comedy and even live guest. All you need is a computer and speakers/headphones. You can even tune into the show from your Iphones using the stickam application.

      We invite you to tune in LIVE where reality meets comedy ONLY at www.stickam.com/AngelOfThyNight and at www.paranormalghostsociety.org/AskLordRick.htm our special feature for guests who wish to call into the show via phone +(1) 702-442 0903 Ext.188 or by skyping: AngelOfThyNight. If you wish to be a guest on our show you can contact me at AngelOfThyNight@...

      AngelOfThyNight Radio is one of the most controversial talk shows on the net and over the years we have boasted some of the highest ratings on Internet radio. The show is generally only hosted every couple of months totaling nearly 100 original episodes. We also provide previous shows making them available on disc for sale per season and sometimes we give them out as gifts during some of our contest.

      Nightfall Radio is our music portion of our program which is often combined with AngelOfThyNight Radio. We boast LIVE chatrooms for our members and fans. We also host LIVE guest cams and many other awesome features.

      We invite you to tune in LIVE from our skycam at www.stickam.com/AngelOfThyNight events will always be posted on our stickam page, forums and at Lord Rick's facebook at www.facebook.com/AngelOfThyNight

      Lord Rick
      Talk Show Host

      Warning: Keep in mind the show is for adults only there is absolutely NO CENSORSHIP and so there is some strong language content. We will exercise our freedom of speech to the fullest extent. So you must be 18 or older to tune on in and have a VERY openmind.
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