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5814Strange noises are coming from the sky

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  • AngelOfThyNight@aol.com
    Nov 9, 2003
      Strange noises are coming from the sky
      High Country BeatBy Ed Kociela

      It's time to admit that my friend and office-mate Jennifer Weaver and friend and radio host Steve Miner are not the only people with unusual UFO experiences recently.

      I haven't seen anything funny in the sky, but I sure have heard some strange rumblings -- and I know it's for real because my wife has heard them and even my dogs have been startled from their napping a couple of times over the past few weeks by strange noises from the sky.

      Not long ago, another friend told me he saw the B-2 bomber flying over Cedar Mountain. This guy is about to become a pilot and has a set of eyes on him that an eagle would covet, so I don't doubt his report.

      The B-2, however, doesn't sound like some of the things that have shaken my home and ears.

      Whatever it is, it's flying very high -- out of my eyesight at least -- and fast. And with the sound seemingly echoing around the valley, it's difficult to pinpoint the spot in the sky where this aircraft is flying.

      Now just because we can't identify it doesn't mean there are aliens patrolling the neighborhood, to be sure, although it would be interesting to cover an extraterrestrial landing.

      I have noticed that there have been a number of corkscrew contrails flowing across the sky, indicating some sort of jet propulsion. Normal jet engines do not produce that kind of pattern, at least in my experience. Calling the U.S. Air Force would be futile, especially since we are so close to Area 51 and Nellis Air Force Base where the military does things we're not supposed to know about. But if anybody else has heard or seen something strange in the skies, let me know. I hate to sound like Art Bell, but there is definitely something odd going on above us.

      Back to more Earthly matters -- The local chapter of the Salvation Army is still looking for volunteer bell-ringers for its annual Thanksgiving-through-Christmas fund-raising campaign. The volunteers will work shifts at Wal-Mart, collecting money that will be used in this community. Last year, the agency spent more than $10,000 helping everybody from motorists passing through to elderly folks who couldn't afford their prescriptions. If you would like to help, please call Brandon Morrill at 586-8213 or Don Garner at 868-5457.

      Tuning up -- Don't forget today's concert by the Master Singers. The group, which has expanded membership from 40 to 60 voices, will perform a tribute to veterans at 7 p.m. at the Heritage Theatre. The show will feature "America, Our Heritage," "America the Beautiful," "God Bless America" and a host of others. Two quartets from the group, one including Richard Bugg, Jack Carter, Larry Hafen and Ross Hilton and the other featuring Alan Blake, Terry Johnson, George Slack and Hugh Southerland, will also perform. James Harrison conducts the Master Singers with accompaniment by Roland Williams. The performance is free. This is also a good time to mark down Dec. 21 to attend the group's annual Christmas concert, which will also be at the Heritage Theatre and free to the public.

      Call Ed Kociela, the Daily News' senior writer/columnist, at 865-4522. E-mail is ekociela@....