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  • Hi, 2013/1/21 percept-studio < contact@^$1 > After typing cmake ../hugin-2012.0.0 on my Terminal, I get : [...] -- WARNING: you are using the obsolete 'PKGCONFIG' macro, use FindPkgConfig [...] -- libpano13 version: 2.9.18 major 2 minor 9 patch 18 [...] -- ZThread library not found. falling back to included copy -- flann library not found. falling back to included copy -- Found...
    Harry van der Wolf Jan 21, 2013
  • OSX 10.7 and newer need the Xcode from the app store. OSX 10.6 users need to download XCode 3.2.x from the developers site. You need to register (it's free). That XCode version is by far better (less bugs) then the one coming on the DVD. Note also that XCode 3.x and older install in /Developer. So the emulator will be there. XCode 4.x and newer install in /Applications as Thomas...
    Harry van der Wolf Sep 10, 2012
  • 2012/9/10 Ethy H. Brito < ethy@^$1 > Jan: try like this: g++ -msse2 -O3 multiblend.cpp -o multiblend -ltiff -ltiffxx -ljpeg -lpng (just put the "-llib"s all the way to the end) :~/temp/multiblend$ ./multiblend Well, I'm not Jan ;) but that command works fine on both my 32bit and 64bit Ubuntu 12.04. Thanks, harry
    Harry van der Wolf Sep 10, 2012
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  • 2012/9/9 Bruno Postle < bruno@^$1 > On fedora (all versions), all that is necessary is to install libtiff-devel libjpeg-devel libpng-devel and build with something like this (for x86_64): g++ -g -pipe -Wall -m64 -mtune=generic -msse2 -O3 -ltiff -ljpeg -lpng multiblend.cpp -o multiblend Same errors unfortunately. I'm afraid it is "something" Ubuntu like. Harry
    Harry van der Wolf Sep 9, 2012
  • I get the exact same error on both 64bit Ubuntu 12.04 as on 32bit Ubuntu 12.04. Both are fully up to date and have a full development environment installed. And I did check whether the required include files were there and contained the required variables/classes and they did. Even a stupidly overcomplete command line didn't solve it: g++ -msse2 -O3 -I/usr/include -I/usr/lib/x86_64...
    Harry van der Wolf Sep 9, 2012
  • 2010/8/24 Jeffrey Martin | 360Cities.net <360cities@^$1> > > > Why, why oh why, > why, if you run a pair of identical images through enfuse, that it makes > something different (usually nicer looking)? i'm talking about using the > same exposure for input images, not different exposures. > > this shows that enfuse really is some kind of alchemy, black magic. or is > there a logical...
    Harry van der Wolf Aug 24, 2010
  • Hi Jan, 2010/8/8 Jan Martin > > > Hi all, > > I am having a hard time finding info on the INPUT (not output) file formats > nona can deal with. > Esp. 8 bit / 16 bit > Who can point me into the right direction? > > See . It describes both input and output formats for the "Panotools" family incl. nona. Harry [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    Harry van der Wolf Aug 8, 2010
  • 2010/7/29 Jeffrey Martin | 360Cities.net <360cities@^$1> > > > I have been using a Canon 550d, connecting it to my netbook via usb. it has > been working fine for 6 days (tethered shooting is required for what i'm > doing now) > > But halfway through today, I started having this terrible problem - my > computer stopped being able to connect to the camera - one moment it > worked...
    Harry van der Wolf Jul 29, 2010
  • Hi Jan, 2010/6/11 Jan Martin > > > Philipp, > > very cool. > Anyone care to explain how to do this step by step (even better, click by > click) using Gimp? > I am on Linux, so Photoshop is out of question. > > Thanks, > Jan > > You can do it completely within Hugin in one of the new 2010 svn builds. It now has a builtin mask editor which works very nice. I have already used it...
    Harry van der Wolf Jun 11, 2010
  • Hi, On inspecting your command line a little closer I now see that it says: "C:\Software\Autopano_SW\autopano-sift-C-2.5.1\autopano-c-complete.vbs". Autopano-sift-c is a C program and needs to be compiled so you get an executable (.exe). It's not a visual basic script (.vbs). I suppose the vbs is a "helper" program for autopano-sift-c, but it's not autopano-sift-c. Download one of...
    Harry van der Wolf Apr 22, 2010