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  • Ian
    ... Mine turned up this morning, and I m pretty happy with it on first inspection. I d already been thinking about getting one, then a couple of days ago saw a
    Message 1 of 12 , May 30, 2007
      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, Bernhard Vogl <bvogl@...> wrote:

      > > I see you're using a Zigview on your system. Which one is it? Are you
      > > happy with it? If it's the S2 have you found the remote part quite
      > > useful?
      > It's a Zigview S2, the one with a detach-able monitor.
      > It's a small fingercam in a housing with a monitor, so as long as you
      > expect the image quality to be "video-grade", not "photo-grade", it can
      > be quite useful (The built-in mini camera has 270K pixels, the monitor
      > 230K).

      Mine turned up this morning, and I'm pretty happy with it on first inspection. I'd already
      been thinking about getting one, then a couple of days ago saw a little video of Bernhard
      using one and finally took the plunge.

      Low-light performance isn't amazing (gets pretty blotchy), but it's a lot better than feared
      - in a near-black room with the camera needing 20s @ f8, 100ISO, the Zigview was still
      showing enough info to have a good idea of what would be included in the frame. Detail-
      wise, you can read the exposure info on my 5D clearly, and can make out the focus
      rectangles clearly as long as they aren't against a black background, the red focus
      rectangle is also clearly visible making the use of AF just about possible for non-pano
      stuff. The remote screen has a two-step shutter button, so can can focus properly then
      It uses a Nikon-style EN-EL5 battery rather than some totally non-standard thing, so
      picking up extra batteries won't be *too* bad.
      Build quality in places is so-so, but on a par for the price.

      Anyway, to bring it back to panoramas, I now have a motorised head with a remote
      control, plus a remote screen to see the exact view in the viewfinder. For high-res partials
      on a big tripod this is going to be a life-saver. :-)


      P.S. It'll all be coming with me to Berkeley next month and Lucerne in August, so there'll be
      a few opportunities to fiddle with it...
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