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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Le Montreux Palace, Switzerland

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  • Pat Swovelin
    ... Reading this message s subject I know where the link will take me but once I m there I don t have a clue. You ve got a lot of unused space in the viewport,
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      Shawn Steigner wrote:
      > For your scrutiny:
      > http://www.photosurveyor.com/panos/178/

      Reading this message's subject I know where the link will take me but
      once I'm there I don't have a clue. You've got a lot of unused space in
      the viewport, use it to tell the site visitor where he/she is (both in
      the building itself and the particular room). It would be nice to have
      each room's name under the thumbnail so you have an idea of what you'll
      get when you click on it, then when you get to the pano flavor selector
      for each room there needs to be descriptive text about the room, its
      history, etc.

      A building like this SCREAMS for a Z & N in each pano vs. the non-full
      sphericals you have.

      After clicking on a thumbnail it would be nice to be able to go to both
      the small and fullscreen versions of each pano (in whichever flavor you
      choose) vs. having to go to the small version and then being allowed to
      select the fullscreen version.

      You need to have "Click and drag the image in any direction — use Shift
      to zoom in and Ctrl to zoom out" (or words to that effect) on every page
      that you can choose a pano from. This is for the uninitiated who don't
      realize you can click and drag the images when they see them start to
      auto-rotate by themselves, so they sit there and wait for something to
      happen (vs. doing it themselves).

      The panos are nice (good work) but the small ones are a little too small
      to see anything in them.

      > Regards-Shawn Steigner
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      > PhotoSurveyor-Sharing places like never before with photos and virtual
      > tours.
      > www.photosurveyor.com

      Pat Swovelin
      Cool Guy @ Large
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