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RE: [PanoToolsNG] D200 auto and/or manual bracketing 10 or more stops apart?

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  • Peter Sale
    Great panos Robert. Makes me want to pack up and vacation in Hawaii at the Westin Bonaventure. These are exactly the sort of Hi Dynamic range panos that I
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 24, 2007
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      Great panos Robert. Makes me want to pack up and vacation in Hawaii at the
      Westin Bonaventure. These are exactly the sort of Hi Dynamic range panos
      that I would like to produce for my real estate listings. I will also read
      up on Jook Leung's "HDR for dummies II." Thanks again.

      Peter Sale
      Santa Monica, CA USA

      On Tuesday, April 24, 2007 8:15 PM, Robert C. Fisher wrote:

      Hi Peter
      I use the auto bracket on my D200 for almost every pano. The D200 will
      shoot 3,5 or 9 shots in auto bracket with a max of 1 stop beween
      exposures. So for 2 stops I use 5 shots. It may seem like a lot but
      with a 2 gig card and raw-compressed set I can get 200 shots per card.
      I use only the median shot and the +/-2 stops shots to use with some
      form of HDR processing. Some shoots I use only an under exposed shot
      and an over exposed shot to process.

      For HDR processing I use Photomatix Pro some and Jook Leungs photoshop
      action "HDR for dummies II" quite a bit.

      Check out http://www.rcfisher.com/westin/westinhotels.html the Aloha
      Mixed plate had a lot of HDR work since the shade was black and the
      sunny parts were way over median exp. I think I shot 9 exposures auto
      bracket and mixed and matched to get a decent dynamic range. The Westin
      Bonaventuure and Museum of Contemporary Art also had HDR work.

      On Apr 24, 2007, at 8:25 AM, Peter Sale wrote:

      > With my previous DSLR, a Nikon D70, I could bracket up to 3 shots, up
      > to 4
      > stops apart, say -2,0,+2. At least that is my recollection. With my
      > D200 I
      > seem to only be able to bracket 2 stops apart, -1,0,+1. I understand
      > that I
      > can "auto" bracket up to, I believe, 10 shots, but each shot is only
      > one
      > stop different from any adjacent shot. I would like to shoot QuickTime
      > panoramas of the interiors of residential properties that represent
      > for sale
      > or for lease. Often an interior location will have a very nice view
      > through
      > a plate glass window to a very bright exterior. With stills, I simply
      > spot
      > meter the exterior and light up the interior with two or more Nikon
      > SB-800
      > Speedlights. A good (not great) example of this can be viewed at
      > www.3019thirdstreet.com <http://www.3019thirdstreet.com/> ; select
      > slide
      > #06 (living room looking through large windows to a city view). While
      > this
      > technique works fine for stills, my understanding is that it will not
      > work
      > well for panoramas. Something about flash making it difficult to
      > stitch the
      > resulting images.
      > That being said, I'm leaning towards bracketing two shots for
      > exposure, say
      > one shot at f4- 1/8 second, and a second shot at f4- 1/750 sec. My
      > question
      > is how can I best do this with my D200? Is there some way around the
      > single
      > stop spread with D200 auto bracketing, or must I simple take one shot
      > (on a
      > sturdy tripod) at f4-1/8, reset the shutter speed manually, and take
      > the
      > second shot at f4-1/750 second?
      > -
      > Regards,
      > Peter Sale
      > Santa Monica, CA USA

      Robert C. Fisher
      QTVR Photography/Cinematography
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