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RE: [PanoToolsNG] D200 auto and/or manual bracketing 10 or more stops apart?

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  • Peter Sale
    Great panos Robert. Makes me want to pack up and vacation in Hawaii at the Westin Bonaventure. These are exactly the sort of Hi Dynamic range panos that I
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 24, 2007
      Great panos Robert. Makes me want to pack up and vacation in Hawaii at the
      Westin Bonaventure. These are exactly the sort of Hi Dynamic range panos
      that I would like to produce for my real estate listings. I will also read
      up on Jook Leung's "HDR for dummies II." Thanks again.

      Peter Sale
      Santa Monica, CA USA

      On Tuesday, April 24, 2007 8:15 PM, Robert C. Fisher wrote:

      Hi Peter
      I use the auto bracket on my D200 for almost every pano. The D200 will
      shoot 3,5 or 9 shots in auto bracket with a max of 1 stop beween
      exposures. So for 2 stops I use 5 shots. It may seem like a lot but
      with a 2 gig card and raw-compressed set I can get 200 shots per card.
      I use only the median shot and the +/-2 stops shots to use with some
      form of HDR processing. Some shoots I use only an under exposed shot
      and an over exposed shot to process.

      For HDR processing I use Photomatix Pro some and Jook Leungs photoshop
      action "HDR for dummies II" quite a bit.

      Check out http://www.rcfisher.com/westin/westinhotels.html the Aloha
      Mixed plate had a lot of HDR work since the shade was black and the
      sunny parts were way over median exp. I think I shot 9 exposures auto
      bracket and mixed and matched to get a decent dynamic range. The Westin
      Bonaventuure and Museum of Contemporary Art also had HDR work.

      On Apr 24, 2007, at 8:25 AM, Peter Sale wrote:

      > With my previous DSLR, a Nikon D70, I could bracket up to 3 shots, up
      > to 4
      > stops apart, say -2,0,+2. At least that is my recollection. With my
      > D200 I
      > seem to only be able to bracket 2 stops apart, -1,0,+1. I understand
      > that I
      > can "auto" bracket up to, I believe, 10 shots, but each shot is only
      > one
      > stop different from any adjacent shot. I would like to shoot QuickTime
      > panoramas of the interiors of residential properties that represent
      > for sale
      > or for lease. Often an interior location will have a very nice view
      > through
      > a plate glass window to a very bright exterior. With stills, I simply
      > spot
      > meter the exterior and light up the interior with two or more Nikon
      > SB-800
      > Speedlights. A good (not great) example of this can be viewed at
      > www.3019thirdstreet.com <http://www.3019thirdstreet.com/> ; select
      > slide
      > #06 (living room looking through large windows to a city view). While
      > this
      > technique works fine for stills, my understanding is that it will not
      > work
      > well for panoramas. Something about flash making it difficult to
      > stitch the
      > resulting images.
      > That being said, I'm leaning towards bracketing two shots for
      > exposure, say
      > one shot at f4- 1/8 second, and a second shot at f4- 1/750 sec. My
      > question
      > is how can I best do this with my D200? Is there some way around the
      > single
      > stop spread with D200 auto bracketing, or must I simple take one shot
      > (on a
      > sturdy tripod) at f4-1/8, reset the shutter speed manually, and take
      > the
      > second shot at f4-1/750 second?
      > -
      > Regards,
      > Peter Sale
      > Santa Monica, CA USA

      Robert C. Fisher
      QTVR Photography/Cinematography
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