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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Viewpoint virtual tour

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  • Bjørn K Nilssen
    ... Thanks :) I used SketchUp for most of the modelling, and LightWave for rendering. I have a plugin that renders a spherical pano directly, but unfortunately
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 6, 2007
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      On 5 Apr 2007 at 15:55, dtonnes wrote:

      > Very nice examples Bjørn. Especially impressive was the view from the
      > house's balcony. I was fooled at first - I didn't realize that the house
      > and balcony were rendered! What software tools did you use to create this?
      > How long did it take to make the model?

      Thanks :)
      I used SketchUp for most of the modelling, and LightWave for rendering. I have a plugin
      that renders a spherical pano directly, but unfortunately it doesn't save the alpha
      channel, so I rendered as 6 cubes with alpha and assembled them in PTgui, one for image
      and one for mask, and composited in PS. I guess it took a day or two to make the model?
      But it was a 2-step process where I first made 3D models and surroundingss for the local
      building authoritites, and some months later when it was time to sell them I made the
      view and a few other shots, with a few changes to the buildings. The client wanted just a
      view, but was happy with a pano with a view too ;)

      > The Viewpoint solution doesn't seem ideal, if only because it requires a
      > (somewhat) obscure plugin, with some people even claiming it's "spyware".
      > For things like a flythru, one could just export it to a Flash movie
      > instead, but as technically neat as a flythru is, I don't think many
      > potential buyers of a condo would be too interested in it; they're more
      > interested in what the view will look like from their condo. This is what
      > the developer has asked me to do, to show potential clients what their views
      > will look like. If one could do a good job of showing this it would
      > probably be a hit, especially now that housing sales have cooled off and
      > developers need to work harder on their marketing.

      I agree. Developers and real estate agents seems to be most interested in views, even
      though it isn't always that great..
      In your case you coul shoot a few panos from a tall crane (or kite, balloon or model
      heli?) to get the views, and then eventually add the 3D models if needed?

      I lost faith in VET years ago. It looked like it should be able to take over for VRML,
      but ended up as just another 3D object browser.
      If I should make a fully interactive, animatable 3D model with full camera movement
      possibility today I think I would have used Wirefusion (also Java). But SketchUp comes
      with a free viewer program that allows clients to walk around in the models, or to play
      pre-recorded fly-throughs etc. Works very well, but doesn't allow you to protect your
      model from copying/stealing.. It should be possible to export to LW, render with GI and
      bake the textures to the model and then import back into SketchUp and use it for a
      naturally lit walkthrough, instead of the normal sketchy look..

      > Incidentally, I did this for a developer a couple of years ago. It was
      > instrumental in their getting approval for the project because they needed
      > zoning variances - the buildings were taller than local codes allowed and
      > the regulators wanted to see how this affected the neighborhood. I shot
      > photos of the building model (oriented correctly in the sun), and placed it
      > in a series of aerial photos and ground-based panos:

      Thats' a nice job. Are they really physical models, with trees and cars etc?

      > http://www.panaviz.com/customers/waipahu-housing/
      Bjørn K Nilssen - http://www.bknilssen.no - panoramas and 3D
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