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Re: Frustrated by film noise in your scans?

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  • Carl von Einem
    That example reminds me of what happens when I use Siverfast s software scratch removal function ( software ICE ). And yes, it looks like it s painted... :-)
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2007
      That example reminds me of what happens when I use Siverfast's software
      scratch removal function ("software ICE"). And yes, it looks like it's
      painted... :-)

      BTW I'm also one of those film users. Mostly 35mm Reala 100 scanned with
      a Nikon LS-4000 using Silverfast software (it took some time but now it
      works for me) and also 120/220 film rolls (Portra 400 VC) scanned with a
      Hasselblad 646. The Hasselblad scanner has no hardware based
      dust/scratch removal but the scanning software does a fairly good job.
      The Nikon scanner uses ICE which works great for everything but
      Kodachrome, SCALA and standard b/w film. Nothing new to you, I suppose.

      Oh, just for the record: I am not frustrated by film noise in my scans!
      Especially the grain from a Tri-X is absolutely beautiful! :-)


      Posted by: "dmgalpha"
      > and this is the denoised one (50 passes, with this invocation):
      > http://turingmachine.org/~dmg/temp/060201_7943-restored.JPG
      > The result is interesting. It looks almost painted. The blemishes in
      > his face remain, while the noise is gone. It makes me think that this
      > effect can be used for artistic purposes.
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