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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: OT: SD & CF

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  • Robert C. Fisher
    ... About 6 months ago I purchased a Flash-Trax unit with a 40GB HDD. I got a great deal at a shop that was going out of bussiness, 40% of the original cost I
    Message 1 of 11 , Feb 27, 2007
      On Feb 27, 2007, at 8:31 AM, Yuval Levy wrote:

      > I bought one of these USB-OTG HDD <http://www.look.com.cn/prod_A3.htm>
      > (sorry, Chinese only) manufactured by
      > <http://www.look.com.cn/index_english.htm> from eBay for 30CAD and put
      > into it a 40GB HDD a couple of months after buying the 350D. It served
      > me well on a few trips. <http://www.photopla.net/pano.php?id=53>
      > I used it as "day-memory". In the evening I took care to download the
      > images from the OTG-HDD to my notebook.

      About 6 months ago I purchased a Flash-Trax unit with a 40GB HDD. I
      got a great deal at a shop that was going out of bussiness, 40% of
      the original cost I think.
      > That "day-memory" usage has disadvantages. HDD are sensitive. I
      > lost one
      > (with little data) after a year. Then last summer, during my Boston
      > shooting, the transfer failed. This is what got me thinking of buying
      > more solid state memory (CF or SD? still undecided).
      > I might consider upgrading the USB-OTG HDD capacity to 120GB so that I
      > don't need to lug around a notebook anymore on multi-days trips.
      > The A3
      > has the advantage that it runs on four AA batteries which are
      > available
      > even there where notebook power adapters are not functional.

      The laptop downloading didn't really work for me either, too
      complicated unless I have an assistant to do it or the time.
      > > I found that if I keep using many flash cards it is (for me)
      > difficult
      > > to keep track of which ones have been used and which ones have not.
      > Latest when the camera reports CF full I know :-) Yes, it is difficult
      > for me too.
      > I always keep my CFs empty, i.e. in the evening I download all
      > shots and
      > empty them.
      > I try to keep them in a pocket on the right side of my jacket and
      > store
      > the full one in another pocket on the left, but I am the guy who hears
      > his wife saying "turn right..." "the other, right, darling!" way too
      > often. <http://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/rightl.html#hands>
      > So this left - right confusion kills me.
      > Another trick I have tried: store the CF in individual cases with a
      > piece of paper. One side of the paper is white, the other colored.
      > White= empty, colored = full. Turn the paper appropriately when
      > putting
      > the full CF back in the case.

      I solved this by the purchase of a little case that holds 4 CF cards.
      It's water proof and dust resistant so it keeps them out of harms
      way. When I replace the cards in the case I put them in brand label
      out (these are empty, erased) when I use them I put them in the case
      with rear label out (most CF cards have a white label on the back so
      it's pretty easy) White out it's used, Brand label out ready to
      shoot. Pretty simple and I haven't lost any images yet by using a un-
      backed up card. I carry 5 2GB CF cards so most of the time I don't
      need to backup to the Flash-Trax until the end of the day when I back
      up to that and a portable HDD through the laptop so I now have 2
      copies of the images. I got the 2GB CF cards about 5 months ago on a
      job that I knew I wouldn't have the opportunity back up quickly so
      have enough cards was the best idea. Shooting with a D200 I can put
      about 200 images (with no loss compression) onto 2Gig cards.
      > Yuv

      Robert C. Fisher
      VR Photography/Cinematography
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