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RE: Re: [PanoToolsNG] Using PS CC to create aerial panoramas from GoPro Hero 3 images

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  • montana_jimbo
    Hi Miche, To get at the GoPro stuff you ll either have to download the Lightroom 5.2 beta or the Camera Raw 8.2 update and install that to PS vers CS6... Both
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      Hi Miche,

      To get at the GoPro stuff you'll either have to download the Lightroom 5.2 beta or the Camera Raw 8.2 update and install that to PS vers CS6... Both are relatively new and are still in pre release stages.. LR 5.2 installs right over LR 5 if you have it so you loose 5.0 but you can get it back by reinstalling vers 5.0

      I watched Russell's video and right near the end he used the content aware tool to fill in all the holes..  I have never really been nuts about the tool but saw that I have never did it the way he does it by expanding the selection.. boy does that make a difference.

      The new GoPro lens profiles are really great.. 

      As far as doing pano's I truly think it is very very do-able but would be a serious effort to do. In theory you could mount a camera both below and on top to do a 360 /360 ..The gimbals should be servo driven and they could be synchronized and driven electronically with set able parameters



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      Hi Jimbo,

      Le 2 sept. 2013 à 16:05, jimbo a écrit :

      Hi Miche,
      As a note both CS6 and LR are stand alone programs and not tied to CC they do have a CC version of PS which has all the features CS6 has plus more also.. I use the GoPros quite a bit ( 2 hero 3 blacks)  and the lens correction adjustment is really great. Actually having these feature in PS & LR has really raised the bar considerably I feel.
      I agree: the Adobe lens correction adjustment tool is great (and the chromatic aberration correction tool is even better). I currently use Lightroom 4. 

      I now believe that Russel Brown has recorded some sets of "personal" lens profile settings (either manually adjusted or made with Adobe Lens Ceator) for the GoPro Hero 3. I may have then been mislead when viewing Russel's tutorial and I am unable to find an Adobe lens profile of the GoPro Black 3 for downloading anywhere on the web. As a matter of fact the list of camera or lens "manufacturer" products that have been officially modeled seems to be: AppleCanon, Fujifilm, HasselbladLeicaMamiyaNikonOlympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Phase One, RicohSamsungSchneiderSigmaSony, Tokina, Tamron and Zeiss. (A comprehensive list is found at http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/multi/lens-profile-support-lightroom-4.html )
      I have never done nor even attempted an aerial pano.....yet..... but will say that I think that it is more then feasible today.. But the flying rig including the gimbals would not be a cheap date..  I am relatively new to copters but they have quite a bit of capability if you spend the money, effort and time to develop them and learn to use it. They are a big commitment..

      I have recently played with some (JPG) GoPro 3 Blak aerial photos that were shot with a single camera under a RC quadricopter with a fixed rig (no gimbals): the resulting panorama quality is more than decent but due to poor positioning control and medium altitude of the chopper, some small parallax error issues are inevitable.

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