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  • Bostjan Burger
    Dear pano-friends , the new WWP event ( http://www.worldwidepanorama.org ) is going to start very soon and some help with the essay might be welcome to get
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2013
      Dear "pano-friends", the new WWP event ( http://www.worldwidepanorama.org ) is going to start very soon and some help with the essay might be welcome to get the idea about your photography:

      Machines - essay by Andrew Varlamov

      Open Photography: 13-23 June 2013
      Open Editing: 13-30 June 2013
      Live: 5 July 2013

      Experienced WWP teammates still remember WWP events where machines took part,

      such as "Energy" and "Transportation", and now years later they can create a new view of things. 

      You can meet machines everywhere - indoors (washing machine, vacuum cleaner, sewing machine) and outdoors (various vehicles, cranes, funiculars, garden pumps). Some kinds of machines have long lifespans - windmills, shadoofs, rickshaws, honey extractors - and they continue to work as usual, looking as in former times or changing its appearance and workplace. Other kinds of machines are ready for retirement into museums and collections, and it is possible to find them only in backwater districts - milk separators, jukeboxes.

      Machines become TV stars, Discovery Channel devoted popular serials to X-machines (machines designed for extreme loads and tasks) and to machines designed by Leonardo Da Vinci but never before realized (mostly siege machines).

      Sometimes machines change urban skyline and make it easy to distinguish a harbour from an amusement park, or a shipyard from a construction site. 

      Where is line of demarkation between tools and machines? Why does the dictionary consider a shovel as a tool rather than a machine? When a machine consists of mechanisms, where is the edge - can one mechanism be a machine or does a machine consist of two and more mechanisms ?

      In most cases mechanisms of machines hide under their shell, and the panographer has to find the exact point of view. 

      Additionally the photographer may capture a "decisive moment" - when a human feeds the machine - fills fuel or consumables, or repairs it. Perhaps the decisive moment would be an action produced by a machine (e.g., opening a bridge).

      The theme is so wide that amateurs of Artistica direction could try to "shoot" an imaginary machine (for example - Turing machine) or impossible machine (perpetuum mobile).

      Be creative - try to shoot panorama never seen before, it can be waiting for you right next door!

      :) Boštjan
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