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Re: [PanoToolsNG] I miss Superrune!

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  • Luca Vascon
    ;-) WellI hope we will recieve together our robotic rotators!!! I plan to use them on the PEN camera. 2013/4/4 Roger D. Williams ... --
    Message 1 of 24 , Apr 4, 2013
      WellI hope we will recieve together our robotic rotators!!!
      I plan to use them on the PEN camera.

      2013/4/4 Roger D. Williams <roger@...>
      On Thu, 04 Apr 2013 06:14:58 +0900, Luca Vascon <luca.vascon@...> wrote:

      So, Roger, you are in a 6 plus 2 workflow.

      Yes, reluctantly. I really REALLY prefer the four around of a tilted 8mm fisheye like the Sigma on a full, i.e., non-Canon, SPS-C sensor. (Sigh) And I will never get rid of my Peleng.

      I do have a copy of the exact same lens, as you know my illness. I? must have them all. I also do have the 17-28mm Pentax fisheye zoom..
      I use it in Tokina version on Canon, so I do have some degrees less, due to the smaller Canon APSC sensor.
      On all my 6+2 workflows, and I speak of workflows, because they are my pride and babies ( reason why I can take and stich whatever and in whatever number a day...) They are so even if they are handheld ( workflAws). I was saying... on thiskind of case I always try to take  the 6 pictures drum with a -15 degrees pitch, and have a smaller nadir, as small as the tripod indeed, or even less ( 15mm Sigma on full frame, 7.5 Sammy on Olympus Pen) so taking away the nadir is trivial.

      Aha. That is helpful. I will try -10 or -12.5 degrees and see how that works out.

      With 10-17 you have some degree less. So you pitch a bit less than 15degrees and the hole remains a bit bigger.
      Or you can switch to a 4+4 shots ( you may need a tripod, because you need the first drum  to be shot, let's say @-30 pitch, 0-90-180-270, but when you make the upper drum (keep it @+25 more than +30) you should start your 90 degrees steps from 45 and not from 8. You need a 8 clicks rotator.

      You may remember I told the list that I would be beta testing a camera rotator that appeared on Kickstarter? There have been various delays with design and manufacturing changes (I believe they are significant improvements well worth waiting for) that were made possible by the multiple over-funding. The much-delayed launch of manufacturing prototypes, which I expect to be beta testing, is scheduled for early next month. The small units, not much larger than a mechanical rotator, can be programmed using iOS and/or Android apps, and two of them can be used together to offer synchronized or successive pan AND tilt functions! You put the camera on a bracket that places the NPP at the center of rotation of one device, and then use another bracket to mount this device on a second device. One turns the camera around, the other points it up or down. It provides a really cool way of taking, say, six around, alternately pointing up and down, or indeed any other combination. Of course this is in theory. That is why I will be beta testing!

      Of course you can shoot 6 shots and 6 shots, with a total of 12, keeping your monopod system like it is, but you will also have too much overlap in zenit and nadir areas. Better make a template with maskings! ;-)

      Here it is late and I'm stitching 5meter pole handheld interiors, so I hope it is all clear, if it is not, pleade feel free to ask as many times as you want, my friend!!

      That is for the future. For now, I will simply take my panoramas with the camera pointing 10 degrees down and see (a) how small the nadir gets and (b) for large the zenith gets and (c) how much trouble I have filling the various sized holes.

      I really appreciate your offer of help. Don't forget that I offered help with the final English editing of anything you might need in that area! I am now fully retired and have LOTS of time on my hands.


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