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Re: Html5 xml and image encyrption

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  • giant_klobasa_monster
    +1 trausti, what exactly is your end game? what are you trying to win?
    Message 1 of 82 , Feb 5, 2013

      trausti, what exactly is your end game? what are you trying to win?

      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, Sacha Griffin wrote:
      > Switch your flashificator to krpano. You have no idea how many thousands
      > and thousands of programming hours you are behind. There is so much more
      > than just a raw player. If you visit them all you will find a graveyard
      > fill of them.
      > Fpp forums are dead with years between posts. No one will switch from
      > krpano to fpp beta 1 because of the 9000 other improvements. I told you
      > this two years ago or was it three?
      > Sacha Griffin
      > Southern Digital Solutions LLC - Atlanta, Georgia
      > http://www.seeit360.com
      > http://twitter.com/SeeIt360
      > http://www.facebook.com/panoramas/
      > IM: sachagriffin007@...
      > Office: 404-551-4275
      > On Feb 3, 2013, at 9:39 PM, Trausti Hraunfjord
      > wrote:
      > The sample is online and has been there for the past 9 days. Linked in a
      > previous post in this thread: http://goo.gl/Q9wyB You are of course
      > welcome to try... and while you are at it, a decryption of the xml file
      > (same encryption as the images use) would be quite welcome :)
      > Our own H5+WebGL players will be available before the end of this month.
      > Example of the H5 player has been available for testing for the past few
      > weeks. Doesn't mean that I change my view that having one platform to fit
      > all devices is the best and most logical solution.
      > And yes, it is so 2010'ish when apple fanboys continue to comment on Flash
      > being oh so bad and useless ... at every given chance. Completely useless
      > and pretty boring. It doesn't change anything at all.
      > ... or when Apple fanboys don't want to hear about how un-cool it is that
      > their beloved devices are crippled by design.... which isn't going to
      > change any day soon.
      > As to what my time is spent on, and what we have planned for testing etc...
      > some of the plans and near future testing we have scheduled, will be earth
      > shattering for our sector (panoramas/video panoramas) if the results prove
      > that these things can be applied to panos/video panos. Not staying on a
      > trodden path or follow advice from others, most often results in real
      > innovation and not imitation. I value every single input from
      > knowledgeable members of the community but when people come with claims of
      > things that don't work (without providing proof for their claims) or when
      > they feel they should be the ones who decide what one is to spend time and
      > money on (without knowing what it would cost in both time and money, and
      > not having a hand in paying for it), and providing typical fanboy
      > comments... well, I need to filter such things out, or respond in kind. I
      > could have reacted better and faster when the Apple-mania started, but I
      > didn't. I was convinced that Flash would carry through on the promises of a
      > mobile version, less CPU demanding and more stable... that was the plan...
      > but that fell through the floor as we all know. I did bet on the wrong
      > horse.... and to make it even worse, after I was persuaded to have native
      > mobile output for the player done, last year turned out to be the worst
      > year programming time wise... the programmer didn't have any time to work
      > for me at all. Now that he is back, he has been full time working on the
      > H5 and WebGL players. Late arrival, but it's getting there... still it can
      > only be seen as a temporary/limited solution, because not all mobile
      > devices will be covered, based on the fact that the hardware manufacturers
      > and browser providers are not hell bent on following or aiming for the same
      > set of standards.
      > I genuinely want to provide the best possible solution, and even though I
      > am sure that our H5 and WebGL engines are the best... they are just
      > band-aids, trying to make things better... still leaving a lot of hardware
      > in the dark middle ages.
      > Trausti
      > On Sun, Feb 3, 2013 at 8:47 PM, Keith Martin wrote:
      > > **
      > >
      > >
      > > On 3 Feb 2013, at 00:30, Trausti Hraunfjord
      > > wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > @Matthew Rogers
      > > Well, I could be bothered to try your claim.
      > > Lesson learned: OpenGL Profiler crashed repeatedly, and it could not get a
      > > single cubeface from the project. Thereby your claim has been proven to be
      > > wrong.
      > >
      > > Care to post a sample online for others to try? I mean, if you're getting
      > > all feisty about it then why not make it a challenge? I'd love to help. :)
      > >
      > > @Christian Bloch
      > > If I ever get to be your employee, I would possibly accept having you to
      > > tell me what to spend my time on. Fact being that you don't have me in
      > > your employment...... you can figure out the rest.
      > >
      > > I am certain that Christian didn't mean it as an order. I actuallythink
      > > he's right, in that there are things that would make your product far more
      > > exciting to far more people. As you so clearly indicate, you can and will
      > > do as you like. Unsolicited feedback is normally worth what you pay for it.
      > > But unsolicited feedback from experts in the community that also contains
      > > many potential customers... that's definitely worth more than zero.
      > >
      > > @Sacha Griffin
      > > Sorry about your inability to understand the need/desire to use encryption
      > > as a part of the security, and your "Flash is unusable" comments are
      > > getting quite tired. Live with the fact that Flash is still the best tool
      > > for content delivery, even though it is far from being perfect. Try to put
      > > focus on the fact that iDevices are crippled by the producer, so they won't
      > > be able to display Flash content.
      > >
      > > Heh. This argument is so 2010. Stop complaining about "iDevices", remember
      > > that Adobe has *dropped* development of Flash for ALL mobile devices, and
      > > consider where the future lies. Don't skate to where the puck is (or was a
      > > year or two ago), skate to where it is going. You may not like where that
      > > is, but if you're going to continue to market software to people who want
      > > to market their work to others, you need to make sure your tools satisfy
      > > whatever major needs that may produce.
      > >
      > > Me, I'm happy to carry on publishing Flash-compatible versions of my pano
      > > work... but I won't ever do that without also providing HTML5 versions.
      > > Because of this I won't even consider using a tool that doesn't support
      > > that. But on the flipside, I'm always very keen to find software that
      > > increases feature parity between the two outputs, as much as is possible.
      > > I'm with Sacha on that.
      > >
      > > k
      > >
      > >
    • nonchiedercilaparola
      Hi, long and important discussion. With hacker skill into digital world we can do everything but i think that a pano-virtual tour would be published with a
      Message 82 of 82 , May 20, 2013
        Hi, long and important discussion. With hacker skill into digital world we
        can do everything but i think that a pano-virtual tour would be published
        with a mininum of protection to discourage the average user. So with Krpano
        what's the best workflow with minimal protection?

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