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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: D800 moire solution if needed

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  • jimbo
    Thnx ... nothing like this is perfect.. but for some it might be useful.. Like I said we do a lot of studio shooting with both version and I hit moire issue
    Message 1 of 7 , Jan 1, 2013
      Thnx ... nothing like this is perfect.. but for some it might be useful.. Like I said we do a lot of studio shooting with both version and I hit moire issue with both 800 version.. both stills and video.. I have one coming and we'll see how it all shakes out. Were hoping we get lucky..
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      It was interesting to see how big an issue the moire is on the D800 in the video, and even more interesting to know that there is a solution to the problem (yes, this is what I would clearly categorize as a serious problem).  The diffrence between the recording without and with the filter, is like day and night.

      If the recording was not from D800 or D800e, your post would have been without any value, but I found it interesting and informative, and I appreciate you bringing this here.


      On Mon, Dec 31, 2012 at 1:42 PM, jimbo <mrjimbo@...> wrote:
      I didn't bring this up to cause an issue for anyone.. it was intended as informational.. In typical landscape photography moire would not be an issue with the 800 it occasionally is with the e version primarily in some architectural shots.. For those that do product or fashion the issue pops up quiet a bit more.. and it uneceptable.. Granted, the filter would probably never had been brought to market if it wasn't for video needs. In the right situation it's a tool that might benefit a photographer... just saying... so your shooting style or subject matter gets you off the hook.. that's great.. I have both versions of the 800 and a D4.. All of which are also used for video production also..
      As far as dealing with moire in post production.. I'm glad it's so easy for you.. We have to deal with it occasionally also.. It lowers the quality of the result and we typically don't like that.. So if we know we have a real issue we typically make a few changes if possible and retake.. If we can't then we do what your doing. 
      Anyway , hopefully to close this. Am I to understand that it is improper to post stuff like this on this group? I fully realize that few here could benefit ... but that's more of an individual thing or needs I would think.. At any rate I was recently made aware of the product.. Their selling them so their getting used.. I just remembered all the conversation from back when and thought it might be relative to some one that had an e version they were wrestling with in this area.....Rest assured I'll not offer up anything like this again..

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