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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Panorama printer with paper rolls?

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  • jimbo
    Hmmm I hit the send button and then your post pops up.. Well it s pretty simple for you actually.. if you have to have a desk top printer that does both rolls
    Message 1 of 36 , Nov 22, 2012
      Hmmm I hit the send button and then your post pops up.. Well it's pretty simple for you actually.. if you have to have a desk top printer that does both rolls and sheet then you really have no options but to stick with Epson..right? For your market / cost / and apparent space requirement they are your only option that makes sense.. as far as the issues with the smaller Epson or the larger ones for that matter .. you'll  have to work with that just like the rest of us do.. and I'm sure you have and will..
      If your looking for some competition for the desk tops Epson makes .. I think your only hope will be HP or Canon.. So far they have decided not to go there.. Constructively.. if the issue is really space for a printer well then your really stuck.. and that's that.. (but you've created a box for yourself)  but if that's not the case.. then why not consider a larger format printer.. an A3+ can print sideways on a 24" printer .. check prices on material going that way and compare.. What I'm suggesting is that sometimes the walk in price on a printer is deceiving.. So if you save a few hundred on the purchase then they stick to you for ever more.. well you've really lost.. I do prints buy the sq inch.. that's how my world works.. So I honestly watch my costs relative to that .. For me their are two important things .. I need to make totally incredible prints for my clients and I need to make money doing that or I'm history..  It's really way simple.
      Sooooo.. to sum up on turkey day.:-) making art is the most wonderful thing in the world ..I just couldn't imagine doing anything else.. the world is changing as is our artists..and our clients... It's hard and has been for a while .. but I believe.. and will never sacrifice quality or my efforts towards making art live another day.. So ..lol.. I'm not sure if I owe an apology for my boldness or not.. you all got a little look inside of a fruit cake.. ..only on Thanksgiving!!!....guess I got sentimental..  I need to say this then go help make dinner in town.. If your in the art business .. especially now..... making a small box is like pretty risky.. boldness actualy does better.. It's just fun...
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      On Thu, 22 Nov 2012 18:55:37 +0100, John Houghton
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      > --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, "jimbo" <mrjimbo@...> wrote:
      >> John.
      >> Not sure where your info regarding canon is coming from..
      > I should have said I was referring to desktop printers of up to A3+
      > size. Of course the large format printers are in a different category.
      > In any case, my information may be somewhat out-of-date.

      A desktop printer is what I'm looking for, that can do both rolls and
      normal A4/A3 printing.
      I'm sure those Canon IPFs are great, but they are not that handy for doing
      office printing on A4/A3 paper - and they are quite expensive.
      And I do have Qimage, which can handle long prints very well, as well as
      function as a RIP, and place several images/documents on the same sheet of
      paper. A big time/money-saver with great printing quality :)
      The problem with smaller Epsons is that they often have paper feed
      problems - and the inks are very expensive. But if they are the only ones
      with optional paper roll feeding, I guess the choice will be between the
      different Epsons?

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    • antonio cabral
      I have the 5.5 and he 5.6. Could I send it for tived@iinet.net.au ? regards, Antonio Cabral Com os melhores cumprimentos, António Cabral digisfera web
      Message 36 of 36 , Dec 4, 2012
        I have the 5.5 and he 5.6.
        Could I send it for tived@... ?

        Antonio Cabral

        Com os melhores cumprimentos,
        António Cabral 


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        2012/12/4 Henrik <tived@...>

        Contact autodesk, would b the first choice

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        On 05/12/2012, at 2:50, Michael McKelvey <m_t_j_mckelvey@...> wrote:

        Does anyone know how or where I can an old copy of Realviz Stitcher 5.5 from? I lost it from my PC and as Realviz have been taken over by AutoDesk am stumped as to where I can find a copy, I do have its original serial number.


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