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Re: Streetview processing

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  • jrgen_schrader
    Thank you very much, Peter, for the insight. Much appreciated. Jürgen
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 5 1:56 AM
      Thank you very much, Peter, for the insight.
      Much appreciated.


      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, "panovrx" <mediavr@...> wrote:
      > I registered as "media" for a day of "Google for the Media" classes at the Sydney Google headquarters today and it was interesting to see the fabled work environment of the secretive company. Apart from a staff masseur in one space, and lots of security it seemed like any large open plan office environment to me.
      > But the guy giving a talk on Google Earth (for Broadcasters) had a couple of interesting things to say about Streetview processing. He said the post processing happened in India and their main human job was getting the street numbers correct. Machine vision looks for numbers and prompts them but otherwise they have to work it out. I asked him where the main technical development for Streetview happened but I didnt get an answer for that.
      > He said Streetview was organisationally part of Google Map but that integration of Google Map and Google Earth would be closer in future.
      > He said a lot of the processing work of Google Earth was selective blurring to comply with different governments' requirements. He said there was a lot of blurring around Washington for example. He said there were currently 3 cities with extensive Lidar building city models (
      > including San Francisco). He said some of the amateur building modellers who were crowd sourcing Google Earth's 3d buildings up to now were unhappy at being displaced by automatic building modelling
      > PeterM
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