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  • dorindxn
    Hi Jeffrey, you are very kind person. Congrats for the interview. cheers, Dorin
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 2, 2012
      Hi Jeffrey, you are very kind person. Congrats for the interview.

      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, Jeffrey Martin <panoramas@...> wrote:
      > *――好きなãƒ`ノラマ作家はどなたですか?*
      > *Jeffrey氏:*とてもたくさã‚"いるのだã`れど、振りè¿"ると偉大な人たちといっしょに仕事ã‚'してきたよ。あえて挙ã'るとすれば、ギガãƒ"クセルイメージ、そして360度ãƒ`ノラマの偉大なるãƒ`イオニアのアメリカのGreg
      > Downing氏、先ç"Ÿã§ã‚‚あるイタリアのLuca
      > Vascon氏、とてもフレンドリーなç"·ã§ç¾Žã—いイメージã‚'つくりあã'るã"とで知られるブラジルのAyrton
      > Camargo氏、完ç'§ãªæ‰‹æŒã¡æ'®å½±ã‚'する日本の平å'Œè‰¯é¢¨å`‚氏、とても精力的にãƒ`ノラマã‚'制作している中国のJackey
      > Cheng氏、ドイツの鉄é"好きなWilly Kaemena氏、タイムズスクエアの大晦日のカウントダウンのãƒ`ノラマで有名なアメリカのJook
      > Leung氏、ãƒ`ノラマ閲覧ソフトの開発者でもあるオランダのAldo Hoeben氏、やはりイタリアのAndrea
      > Biffi氏などなど、挙ã'ていったらきりがないよ! でも、僕は彼らからたくさã‚"影響ã‚'受ã`たã‚"だ。
      > *(google translation)*
      > *- Who is the writer panorama you like?*
      > *Mr. Jeffrey:* but he have so many, I have been working together with great
      > people and look back. If you like dare, Ayrton of Brazil that is known to
      > build a beautiful image of Mr. Greg Downing of the American pioneer great
      > panoramic 360-degree, Mr. Luca Vascon of Italy, which is also a teacher, a
      > man very friendly and gigapixel image, a panorama of the countdown Mr.
      > Willy Kaemena Mr. Jackey Cheng of China Mr. bath, he has been creating
      > panoramic energetically very good Japanese peace to Mr. Camargo, a Handheld
      > flawless, like German railway, the New Year's Eve in Times Square Mr. Jook
      > Leung famous American, Mr. Aldo Hoeben the Netherlands, which is also the
      > developer of browsing software panorama, etc. Mr. Andrea Biffi in Italy, I
      > do not go on forever like went too! But I've got a lot from them was
      > affected.
      > http://weekly.ascii.jp/elem/000/000/115/115216/
      > :-)
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