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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Curse you, Facebook!

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  • John Riley
    ... I bet you still use film too, don t you? We are on to your game - the black helicopters will be arriving soon! John John Riley 4Pi-VR Media Solutions
    Message 1 of 36 , Nov 1, 2012

      On Nov 1, 2012, at 12:13 PM, luca vascon wrote:

      Can't stand being in front of a computer the whole day. 

      Still feel embarassed when someone calls me on mobile while I'm talking to someone else. And I do not reply.
      When I talk to someone who is replying sms, chatting on FB and replying calls I feel being somehow humiliated.
      I've got friends to see, laundry to do, etc. etc. etc.
      I reply to personal mails once every 1 or 2 days.
      I'm 38 and sometimes feel like 80. Want a nuclear satellite to explode and kick all us back in the seventies. Just like Weinders' Till The End of The World.
      All people you mentioned are people who I'm honoured to call friends. I know quite all of them by live flesh and bones.

      But when the men in black will come for me, they will have no info , no ip adress. I will flee in the woods, I'll resist free.
      MMMMMMMMMhuaghuahuahuahauhauhauhauahuahuahuahu!!!! 8-D
      I fear that brave new world there outside. Everyday I get up I'm more deep into an Orwell distopia. I'm not the Neuromancer, I cannot set anything or anybody free, but maybe myself. I'll not take a look in FB, I fear it can take a look in me. I retired in an island, south lagoon. I trashed radio, TV etc. I still work with internet but I'm happy others can do it.
      If everybody flies away from here, I'll be the one to turn off the lights and tidy disappear in darkness. 

      I bet you still use film too, don't you? We are on to your game - the black helicopters will be arriving soon!


      John Riley
      4Pi-VR Media Solutions
    • Thomas
      My 2 cents is that neither Yahoo, nor FB, nor Google Groups, nor Google+, is an ideal way for a bunch of tekkies to communicate, but all are useful and should
      Message 36 of 36 , Nov 19, 2012
        My 2 cents is that neither Yahoo, nor FB, nor Google Groups, nor Google+, is an ideal way for a bunch of tekkies to communicate, but all are useful and should be used. My biggest gripe is that they all are bad at archiving and search -- Google a lot less so than Yahoo, naturally, and FB the worst. Posting something on FB is like throwing it out the window, but onto a very busy and interesting street. I feel you rally get your 15 minutes of fame there, but no historical presence.

        As for evilness, that is ever present everywhere. But it will only damage your health if you spend too much emotional energy fretting about it. We can always take our chats elsewhere when it gets too bad here. The monopolists don't give a hoot about pano chatter so in that area we and they are mutually disposable.


        --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, "Sam Rohn" <nylocations@...> wrote:
        > christian, luca, you guys are always welcome aboard, i'm sure this all seems very invasion of the body snatchers at this point, but in reality, fb is just another website, only diff between facebook and yahoo is that fb is a smarter company, yahoo sells your data too btw - but if common sense about privacy online is applied you should not be replaced by an alien doppelgänger or anything like that ;)
        > otherwise, facebook pano group is just another place for those who wish to yak about panoramas, see old friends, meet new photographers, see new work, new ideas, socialize, etc, as well as promoting one's own work to as broad as possible an audience which facebook is pretty essential for at this point in time, for those interested such things
        > http://www.facebook.com/groups/panoramicphotographers/
        > and yes, there is a cost (welcome to planet earth), you give them info about yourself, they give you an audience, i find trading a little privacy for lots of publicity a good deal, i think as far as marketing demographics go i'm just some sort of odd glitch and they have no idea of what to make of me judging by the ads i see on fb, but i'm always interested in how such things work anyway, and it is definitely working on my end self-marketing wise :)
        > if others find fb is not your cup of tea, no need to make a fuss about it, just ignore it
        > getting bent out of shape about facebook being where everyone else is going these days is silly, either come along or don't complain about not wanting to go, basically boils down to another pointless platform war, juvenile trolling, etc
        > but for some reason we really do not get too much of that kind of behavior on the fb pano group, sometimes i think that fb's reputation as a cia plot is a good thing, keeps the trolls & real crazies away ;)
        > sam
        > - - - - -
        > Sam Rohn :: New York City
        > Panoramic Photography :: http://www.samrohn.com
        > Location Scout :: http://www.nylocations.com
        > --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, "giant_klobasa_monster" <panoramas@> wrote:
        > >
        > >
        > > ayrton is right.
        > >
        > > the idea that facebook is somehow more evil than yahoo groups, or any other faceless corporation storing your data, is more paranoia than anything else,
        > >
        > > it is a tool like any other. it is not some mysterious monster that is going to get the CIA looking through your windows. join with a fake name, don't post any personal stuff. what is the problem?
        > >
        > > if you tinfoil hat people are really worried about your privacy, you should stop using a credit card, and definitely don't get any insurance of any kind. Those folks know far more about you than facebook ever will.
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, Christian Bloch <Blochi@> wrote:
        > >
        > > This list is dying.
        > >
        > > To anybody subscribing to both methods of communication, I would like to remind you that this list is awesome and its searchable back-history has helped many times to find a hint that someone dropped years earlier. What you say on Facebook may be more immediate, but it is inherently non-permanent and quickly disappears in the digital ether.
        > >
        > > Just sayingÂ…
        > > Blochi
        > >
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