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Re: High resolution ROI in panorama

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  • giant_klobasa_monster
    Wow Jim that s a really nice job! I have wished MANY times for an EASY tool to insert high-rez shots into a spherical fisheye pano. There really is no easy way
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 15, 2012
      Wow Jim that's a really nice job!

      I have wished MANY times for an EASY tool to insert high-rez shots into a spherical fisheye pano. There really is no easy way that I know of.

      I remember Aldo showing this off with Spi-V back in 2006 in Bath at the Panotools meeting....

      I wonder if a GUI for Krpano could be made for doing this, as part of a tour builder?

      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, Jim Watters <jwatters@...> wrote:
      > I shot full 360X180 panorama first that stitched to 40k pixels wide.
      > I then shot a higher resolution detail near the horizon.
      > I stitched with PTGui and used Pano2VR to create the tiles and show the panorama.
      > The challenge was the inserting the higher resolution images into the panorama.
      > The panorama needed to be expanded to 231k pixels wide to match the high
      > resolution images. I extracted a partial panorama to work with to lessen the
      > stain on my computer.
      > Then to make the tiles I first extracted cube faces and worked with them one at
      > a time. I did not need the zenith nor nadir, thus I could lessen the memory
      > requirements on the computer again.
      > After the tiles for these faces were generated I deleted all the tiles that did
      > not have any high resolution images detail.
      > Generated 64512 tiles kept about 4700, or 7% of the tiles. This would have been
      > a lot worse if I tiled the entire panorama instead of extracting the faces with
      > high resolution information, and tiling them manually.
      > I did this Just to show a single row of portrait images. But I like having the
      > extra three levels of zoom without having to create a full panorama with the
      > same resolution. It is more of an experiment that a work of art. The more I zoom
      > in the more I wish I could zoom further.
      > http://photocreations.ca/saintjohn/cruise_ships.html?cruise_ships_4#cruise_ships_4
      > I like how the new resolution image appears as you zoom in. Like zooming down on
      > Google Earth. I had my 72 stop disc in my pano head. For the high resolution
      > shots I was trying to take four pictures for every stop. I did not rotate the
      > camera precisely a couple times and have a couple gaps.
      > This is my second attempt at shooting something like this in my first attempt I
      > shot the high resolution first. then filled in the rest with the lower
      > resolution. My irregular grid pattern and lots of blue sky made it very
      > difficult to align the image in PTGui. So I reshot in a much more constrained
      > manor. Every row having the same number of pictures.
      > Processing the panorama into multilevel tiles this way I could process a 60k
      > wide cube faces with 16GB of memory. But I don't know how often I want to do
      > this. I was constantly waiting for one step to finish before continuing to the
      > next. I spent 95% of my time for this project getting the ROI processed.
      > Way back in the beginning PTViewer had the ability to display a higher
      > resolution RIO. But this is the first time I really used it. Now I want to try
      > to add even more detail in locations. I probably can not use a longer lens but I
      > could move closer to the subject.
      > --
      > Jim Watters
      > http://photocreations.ca
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