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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Mars Panorama at panoramas.dk

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  • Dorin@dxn.ro
    Hello Hans, Thanks, as I m not using facebook, I appreciate. Congrats for the hits! You may say that you re millionaire now :) cheers, Dorin
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 15 4:46 AM
      Hello Hans,

      Thanks, as I'm not using facebook, I appreciate.

      Congrats for the hits! You may say that you're millionaire now :)


      Wednesday, August 15, 2012, 1:56:23 PM, you wrote:

      > For those who are not on Facebook here are some stats of my
      > latests Mars Panorama from the Opportunity which Nasa posted in July.

      > This was posted a couple of weeks ago but it was not until last
      > Thursday the traffic exploded. First day was over 500.000 visitors.

      > http://www.panoramas.dk/mars/greeley-haven.html

      > Yesterday the Greeley Haven passed 2 million unique visitors
      > Currently it has Unique Pageviews 2,178,72

      > I have done some investigation in the stats and what strikes most
      > is the huge amount of Iphone visitors.
      > This is all about the type of sources they come from and in this
      > case it is Twitter, Facebook and thousands of link sites of the
      > type I try to avoid like for example Reddit, and Dirty.ru.
      > Most of this type of visitors are the in and out type with a pageview per visitor of 1.10

      > What also strikes me is that all the "normal" old bloggers are missing in the sources.

      > My normal Mobile/Desktop ratio is 5.32% / 94.68%
      > And among them iPad is 46% and iPhone 25%

      > However the Mars panorama has 23% mobiles and if you look at the
      > devices you find that the iPhone is 47% and the iPad just 19%
      > Android tablets seems to be around 9% and the only Android
      > Smartphone to talk about is SonyXperia Arc 3.68% and Samsung Galaxy
      > SII 2,63% out of the 516.000 Mobile viistors.

      > I can also see that only around 30% of the Android Tablets have flash installed (or activated)

      > It has more than 4300 link sources coming from 184 countries with
      > US as the top with 37.71% and Russia second with 7.32. A surprise is
      > Saudi Arabia as No 6 with 70.000 visitors =2.83%

      > So all this about Smartphones and Tablets are taking over is just
      > about what type of people you are interested in showing your virtual tours.

      > One funny thing is also that many of this so called Tech bloggers
      > who has posted it call it the first HD panorama from Mars. Well the
      > original to my first interactive panorama from the Spirit Rover in
      > 2004 was actually 11000 pixels wide and for example the Husband Hill
      > I posted in 2005 is more than 20.000 pixels just like the Greeley Haven.
      > http://www.panoramas.dk/mars/mars-dec-2005.html
      > I have reduced the size to 3200pixels cubefaces just because of the huge bandwidth usage it may get.

      > Hans
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