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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Request Opiions on Software

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  • Kyle Goodnight
    Hi Trausti, Yes, I did/am having trouble getting the program to work. The day I purchased the program, we went through the program via Skype and it seemed so
    Message 1 of 9 , Jul 6, 2012
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      Hi Trausti,
      Yes, I did/am having trouble getting the program  to work.  The day I purchased the program, we went through the program via Skype and it seemed so straight forward at the time.  Later,  on in the week when I tried to put it together, the process seemed to have escaped me.  This is not your fault, I should have written down the sequence of processing.  I am doing real estate virtual tours and need something that is fast and easy to use as I have a others creating the tours for me  as well (at my shop). 

      What I need is a 1,2,3 process sequence that is will produce the tours so that I do not have to be involved their efforts to create a tour.  My clients(real estate agents)  seem to be looking for bells and whistles and novelties instead of high quality renderings.
      Panos, integrated slide show, Maps, radar, Hotspots and interesting skins design seems to the selling points instead of high quality photos.  Not that good quality photos are not important, they are...but according to the agents, that buy and pay for the tours; they want fast turnaround and features that will grab the attention of the client (buyer). 

      I have seen the output of your program and it is terrific, that is what prompted me to contact you in the first place.  I saw some product from some shop(western us) but don't remember who it was. I called him and spoke directly with him and he sang the praises of your program and I was sold.  If there was some GUI that put the sequence of events in some step process, or prompted sequence,  it would be an advantage for the user.  I am sure once i got it to work, all would be well.  You can tell me many times over how to do it but until I do it myself, It will not lock  in,,,

      I have several other programs as well, 3Dvista, Pano2vr, PTgui, and a couple of others as well.  I am trying to get a product that I can use with ease and produce good output.  3Dvista is in the alpha stage of their Show4 release and should work well, Kolor Panotour also does a good job. 

      Thanks for your concern and interest...much appreciated.

      Wednesday, July 04, 2012 5:30 PM

      I am considering two vendors for tour software, Easypano and Kolor. I have looked at offerings from both. Each have some good features. Not considering price, anyone who has used the two offerings, I would greatly appreciate recommendations of which is the better package and why. If you do not want to post options in the forum, please PM me.
      I have attempted to create my own HTML interface but not being well versed in coding HTML,I am not making great progress. PTGUI will be my stitching method but want a good tour interface.
      Any suggestions or recommendations will be greatly appreciated


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