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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: OT:- Saving a Mask for use later?

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  • Pat Swovelin
    ... Exactly but if you save it as a file you can reuse it in the future vs. recreating it for each session. ... It sure does and that s why I m wearing out
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 21, 2006
      tflyfish2002 wrote:
      > Pat,
      > This is what I am about to do. Obviously my "Fixed" alpha channel has
      > to be stored somewhere and as Eric suggested I will do this in a blank
      > doc that only contains my mask.

      Exactly but if you save it as a file you can reuse it in the future vs.
      recreating it for each session.

      > I will use the action as you suggest
      > to load it to my tiffs. PTGUi really works much better if you mask
      > out all the unwanted areas before you stitch.

      It sure does and that's why I'm wearing out Quick Mask Mode...

      > It would be nice if PTGui had a crop template that you could construct
      > yourself to apply to all you images at once. Just a thought.

      That would only be good for a specific lens/head combo so you'd need
      several of them in the same way you need several saved alpha channel
      files in PS if you're using this method.

      > Bazzer
      > --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, Pat Swovelin <Panoramas@...> wrote:
      >> tflyfish2002 wrote:
      >>> I would like to save a fixed mask for use later in another Photoshop
      >>> document. The reason for this is if I mask out the black area and
      >>> panohead using a alpha mask from the tiffs that I have converted from
      >>> Raw it seems to make it much easier for PTGui to find control points.
      >>> It also makes the blending much easier and accurate as well. I know I
      >>> can transfer a Channel Mask from one open document to another in
      >>> Photoshop and I also know how to save a selection as a action which
      >>> can be applied to any docuement. Of course my tiffs that have been
      >>> converted are normally always the same size. Using a action works,
      >>> but Photoshop has to go through my original masking steps every time.
      >>> Does anyone know how I might do this?
      >> Create the selection you want to save and click Selection > Save.
      >> Select New in the Document drop-down menu (that name will wind up being
      >> the new alpha channel's name). A new unnamed document will be created
      >> with a single alpha channel. Save that as a PSD (using the name of the
      >> channel so you'll know what it is later). To use the new saved alpha
      >> channel you need to have it open in Photoshop. Next open your new
      >> document that you want to add the predefined channel to and click
      >> Selection > Load Selection select the predefined channel filename in
      > the
      >> Document drop-down menu and it will be added to the document as a
      > selection.
      >> To use this effectively you need to create an action that opens the
      >> predetermined channel file then imports it as a selection (see above)
      >> and Saves selection as channel (in the Channels palette). Obviously
      >> you'd run this against all of the open PSDs after you've run then
      >> through ARC (or whatever RAW processor you use).
      >>> Bazzer

      Pat Swovelin
      Cool Guy @ Large
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