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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: 7 To GO [nyc2012]

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  • Sacha Griffin
    You wouldnt survive the columbia/panama border trip on foot. Theres no safe path through the jungle from columbia to any panamanian city especially if you look
    Message 1 of 21 , May 26, 2012
      You wouldnt survive the columbia/panama border trip on foot. Theres no safe path through the jungle from columbia to any panamanian city especially if you look icelandic. ;)

      On May 26, 2012, at 6:01 PM, Trausti Hraunfjord <trausti.hraunfjord@...> wrote:


      For Icelandic citizens to get a US visa, no problem at all... the same goes for Icelanders getting visa to other parts of the world.. .no problems, since the country does not have any military or ambitions of world domination :)  But without a fully valid bio-passport (the new type), I won't get any visa, and with the emergency passport, I would be arrested upon arrival to the US, which doesn't accept the emergency passport in any way or form.  Walking across the US/Mexico border... I would have to cross several borders before getting there...


      Panama/Costa Rica
      Costa Rica/Nicaragua
      Not exactly making things simpler... but absolutely more interesting :)


      On Sat, May 26, 2012 at 4:40 PM, Ken Warner <kwarner000@...> wrote:

      Try to get a visa to the U.S. It's supposedly very easy.

      Failing that, just walk across the Mexican/American border like millions of others do. I'll meet you on the U.S. side and give you a ride to a train station or airport to get to the Iceland Embassy in Wash. D.C.

      Trausti Hraunfjord wrote:
      > I would have loved to be able to go, same for Palmela 2011 and Tucson 2010,
      > but I have been put in a situation that makes it completely impossible.
      > In 2009 I lost my passport during a trip to the Amazon jungle, and upon
      > returning to the capital I went to the Icelandic consular office, only to
      > be told that it is no longer possible to renew or replace a passport
      > through the consular service any more. I will have to go to Iceland or one
      > of the 7 Icelandic embassies (5 in Europe, one in the US and one in China)
      > where they are equipped with the proper machines to receive passport
      > applications.
      > My problem is that I can impossibly travel to any of these embassies or to
      > Iceland without having.... a valid passport. Having lost mine, ensures
      > that I will not be going anywhere any time soon (or ever). I have brought
      > this issue up with all members of the Icelandic parliament, issued a formal
      > complaint to the Ombudsman for the Icelandic parliament, who rubber stamped
      > the actions of the system as "ok", disregarding the fact that my freedom of
      > movement has been removed without a backing by the law, and in a complete
      > violation of the human rights conventions (both the UN and European human
      > rights, to which Iceland is a party).
      > I will have to sue Iceland and the responsible ministers and institutional
      > leaders for breaking my human rights (actually there are 12 different
      > conventions they have broken on me by their evil doings)... but before I
      > can do that, I have to pursue the matter through the Icelandic judicial
      > system, and by living down in Peru, I am not well equipped to show up in
      > court in Iceland and present my case, plus, I need to apply for this
      > process through the minister of justice and human rights in Iceland, and he
      > is incidentally one of those whom I will be charging with human rights
      > violations (personally)... so I am really in a blind alley for the time
      > being. If I request for this matter to be taken up in the human rights
      > commission without having exhausted all possible legal venues in Iceland,
      > the case will be dismissed before it ever gets anywhere. 3 years have
      > passed by now, and no solution in sight.
      > Not the simplest of problems to run into, and this is thanks to an
      > agreement Iceland was "forced" to make with some European body... in order
      > to make travel "more safe"... while the same requirements are not forced
      > upon European nationals.
      > Well... this is my bullet-proof reason for not being able to attend any
      > meeting outside Peru. I do however wish everyone all the best of
      > experience during the gathering, and will be looking forward to the stories
      > that will come from there.
      > Trausti

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