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Re: [PanoToolsNG] Nikon D800 test with 16mm and 10.5mm

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  • mrjimbo
    Luc, I honestly feel that with several lenses we have gone past the ability to resolve what it will produce.. I am actually surprised that I m taking this
    Message 1 of 36 , May 9, 2012
      I honestly feel that with several lenses we have gone past the ability to resolve what it will produce.. I am actually surprised that I'm taking this posture but that's where I'm at.. In my earlier post I mentioned that I just got one a week ago.. So I've been shooting several lenses just to see what I get but all in the studio ....a controlled environment .. I'm honestly surprised.. and not in a positive way. At this point I'm seeing that it's not just the lens that's important but also what were shooting it off of.. On what I thought was a half way decent tripod with slower shutter speeds mirror slap is showing up.. or I think it is.. as when I bump up the shutter speed, shoot off something that I know is really solid or lock the mirror I get a different image as far as sharpness goes..
      At this point non of any of this is really surprising me.. I read all the hype just like the rest of us did and am still trying to work thru it. Anyway for this  guy I think we have to deal with more then just a lens choice.. I feel holding the camera still needs to come first.
      By the way.. Adorama just had a sale on the SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC cards for this thing.... the 16GB's were 44.95, 32GB were 77.95 and the 64 GB was 144.95.. I thought that was a pretty good deal from a reputable source.
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      Don't you think that with a D800 we reached the limit of some lenses?

      Are the 10,5mm, 16mm and 24mm lenses sharp enough? Does the Zeiss Distagon T* 25mm f/2.8 would perform better?

      Does some of you already use this lens?

      Thanks. Luc

    • Ken Warner
      Message 36 of 36 , May 15, 2012

        luca vascon wrote:
        > I'm perfectly aware of Madoka 360, but I feel the circular fish to be of
        > quite zero interest panoramicwise.
        > A cropped circular, instead, is perfect. I mean 7.5 samyang adapted to nex.
        > Lens producers do not give a dam to us, they will always think in a matter
        > of circular or diagonal.
        > 2012/5/10 Ken Warner <kwarner000@...>
        >> That Madoka fisheye has been lurking around for a while. I wish Sigma
        >> would make some more E-mount lenses. Sigma is making a few and they get
        >> high marks. Then Samyang has been promising an E-mount fisheye for almost
        >> a year now.
        >> Mirrorless cameras seem like a no-brainer way to make a better, cheaper,
        >> smaller camera.
        >> Jesse Garnier wrote:
        >>> On 5/9/12 12:42 PM, Ken Warner wrote:
        >>>> So as mirror-flap becomes a problem to overcome -- how does that reflect
        >>>> on mirrorless cameras as a possible avenue for reducing that particular
        >>>> problem?
        >>> Great question. I look forward to finding out soon, now that a circular
        >>> fisheye is imminent for some of the mirrorless bodies. I hadn't seen the
        >>> Yasuhara fisheye mentioned here. Might have missed it:
        >> http://www.43rumors.com/yasuhara-plans-to-make-a-crazy-vest-pocket-kodak-lens-for-m43/
        >> http://www.ephotozine.com/article/yasuhara-madoka-180-fish-eye-for-m43-and-nex-18561
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        >>> Jesse Garnier
        >>> San Francisco, Calif.
        >>> http://stonehopper.com/360
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